WHO Chief Accused By Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Of Aiding Genocide: Was This News Buried?

WHO Chief Accused By Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Of Aiding Genocide: Was This News Buried?

In0, as the first year of December 202 the COVID-19 pandemic drew towards a close, families across the world were preparing to spend the coming holiday season in lockdown. Weary from being fed a constant diet of coronavirus fear stories by the mainstream media, many were no doubt looking forward to a few days spent well away from the latest news headlines. But as any media mogul knows, a distracted population can often present the ideal opportunity for troublesome news stories to be quietly buried. The accusation by Nobel peace prize nominee David Steinman, in December 2020, that World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus had allegedly aided genocide in his native Ethiopia, would appear to be an example of this.

An American economist who was nominated for the 2019 Nobel peace prize, Steinman has accused Tedros of being a “crucial decision maker” who directed the actions of Ethiopia’s security forces between 2013 and 2015. According to Steinman, Tedros was one of three officials in charge of the country’s security services at that time, when the widespread killing, arbitrary detention, and torture of Ethiopians was taking place. A high-ranking Ethiopian politician, Tedros officially held the role of foreign minister during those years, having previously been the country’s health minister. 

Complaint to the International Criminal Court

In a comprehensive complaint lodged at the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the beginning of December 2020, Steinman alleges that Tedros oversaw the “killing, and causing serious bodily and mental harm to, members of the Amhara, Konso, Oromo and Somali tribes with intent to destroy those tribes in whole or in part.” The complaint further states that “the four-year period in which Tedros co-led Ethiopia’s government was marked by widespread or systematic crimes against humanity by subordinates.” 

Disturbingly, Steinman specifically accuses Tedros’ subordinates of “intimidation of opposition candidates and supporters”, the “unlawful imprisonment” of children in “cruel and inhuman conditions,” the “forced sterilization of Amhara women,” and the “enforced disappearance of persons kidnapped or murdered by security or paramilitary forces.”

Given the shocking nature of the evidence he presents, Steinman requested the ICC to investigate, issue an arrest warrant for, and prosecute Tedros, as well as its Prosecutor to ask the Ethiopian government to make a referral to the ICC. Curiously, however, the mainstream media has made almost no mention of the story. Notable articles in The Times of London and the UK’s Daily Mail aside, news of Steinman’s ICC complaint has essentially been buried.

The pandemic treaty they are trying to protect

While the COVID-19 pandemic has already seen a dramatic escalation in the influence of the WHO, under the leadership of Tedros plans are being made for its powers to be ramped up still further. Behind the scenes, a so-called ‘Pandemic Treaty’ is being prepared that could legally bind the countries of the world into following the WHO’s instructions in the event of a future pandemic. Threatening the personal freedoms and bodily autonomy of the entire global population, its powers could potentially include the implementation of restrictive lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations, vaccine passports, travel restrictions, and more. The treaty is currently expected to come into effect by 2024.

Viewed in this light it is easy to see why David Steinman’s complaint against Tedros has been brushed under the carpet. Were the story to gain even so much as a toehold in the mainstream media, it could fatally undermine the WHO’s credibility and in so doing derail plans for the pandemic treaty. In such a situation, the pharmaceutical industry and other corporate beneficiaries of the treaty could stand to lose hundreds of billions of dollars in potential profits.

Tedros of course has the right to be assumed innocent until proven guilty. Equally, however, given the serious nature of David Steinman’s accusations against him, and his role as Director-General and public face of the WHO, the people of the world have the right to be told the facts. Meantime, the continued silence of the mainstream media over this story speaks volumes.

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