What’s Going On? Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stepping down

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There is no social platform more important to the state of contemporary journalism than Twitter.

Sure, Facebook and its various appendages still send far more traffic, but that mostly affects the news business. I’m talking about the news — the creation, evolution, and distribution of the stories we tell about the world around us right now. Twitter’s structural affordances — a real-time stream, constraints on length, baked-in virality, treating links and replies as first-class platform citizens — are particularly well attuned to the way journalists think and act. As a result, it’s where journalists — and news junkies in need of a fix — disproportionately choose to spend their time.

So a change at the top of Twitter is significant news. And that’s what happened this morning when — in a tweet, of course, though rumors had been bubbling for a couple hours — CEO Jack Dorsey announced he was stepping down, presumably to spend more time with his other company, MySpace Tom, and his beard.

His replacement, CTO Parag Agrawal, had only tweeted 10 times in 2021 before today.

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