What Is School Counseling?

School counseling addresses issues that may affect students’ academic performance, which includes psychosocial and behavioral challenges (Gachenia & Mwenje, 2020). School counseling services are delivered by the school counselor.

A school counselor’s role addresses students’ mental, emotional, social, and academic development (Heled & Davidovitch, 2020; Popov & Spasenovic, 2020). Schools systems in different parts of the world have varying titles for school counselors (Popov & Spasenovic, 2020):

  • Australia – student or education counselor
  • Bulgaria – pedagogical counselor
  • Denmark – pedagogical-psychological counselor
  • Russia – pedagogue-psychologist
  • Croatia, North Macedonia, and Serbia – expert associate
  • Malta, Slovenia, UK, USA – school counselor
  • Ireland – guidance counselor

As much as a school psychologist may wish to spend more time directly with students, the school counselor will likely be providing individual, small group, class, and counseling sessions to students.

The graph below is by no means an exhaustive list, but demonstrates some of the differences and similarities between school counselors and school psychologists.

School Counselor vs School Psychologist


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