Ways Grandparents Impact Our Lives


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Cerith Gardiner – 07/25/21 / aleteia.org

We need to cherish our senior family members.

They lead by example

As the world has adapted to the pandemic, it’s the elderly who’ve been most affected. Often cut off from precious family members, they didn’t complain. They followed the rules and kept themselves and their loved ones protected. This story sums up so beautifully the power of their love.

Moving image: Grandparents gaze at newborn through window during quarantine

They’re full of parenting wisdom

The modern world seems to move so quickly. As parents try to navigate it, sometimes pearls of wisdom from the older generations are much needed.

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They pass down essential values

This charming story about a grandfather and his grandchildren reminds us how grandparents are key in sharing family history, and instilling values in our children.

Long-distance grandpa shares life lessons with grandsons through Instagram drawings

They bring us back to basics

With the variety of foods available to us, we are spoiled for choice. However, we might not always make the best decisions when it comes to nourishing our bodies. If we look to our grandparents and great-grandparents, we can find a lot of wisdom when it comes to making healthier choices.

10 Smart eating strategies from our great grandparents

They’re a constant source of inspiration

While grandparents pass down life lessons and morals, they also inspire us with their attitude to life. This adorable elderly couple inspired many with their positivity and gratitude.

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