Trump Completely Vindicated as New York Times Admits Their Propaganda

By July 24, 2022

As hard as it is to believe an employee of the New York Times finally admitted that it had committed malpractice by blindly trashing Trump and spending years repeating scurrilous rumors about him. And in doing so it robbed him of any joy of his presidency and led to him being a one-term Wonder. Why did they do this? Because Donald Trump was the real deal who could come up with ideas, figure out how to achieve them, execute on that and then move on to other important subjects. Ultimately the New York Times was just kneeling at the altar of the liberal religion.

Flushing the Russian Collusion down the NYTime’s commode

But listen to NY Times Columnist Bret Stephens:

“The worst line I ever wrote as a pundit — yes, I know, it’s a crowded field — was the first line I ever wrote about the man who would become the 45th president: “If by now you don’t find Donald Trump appalling, you’re appalling.”

“This opening salvo, from August 2015, was the first in what would become dozens of columns denouncing Trump as a unique threat to American life, democratic ideals and the world itself. I regret almost nothing of what I said about the man and his close minions. But the broad swipe at his voters caricatured them and blinkered me.

“It also probably did more to help than hinder Trump’s candidacy. Telling voters they are moral ignoramuses is a bad way of getting them to change their minds.

“What were they seeing that I wasn’t?”

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