This Day in History: February 14

Ruhollah Khomeini 1989 – Fatwa issued against Salman Rushdie. On this day in 1989, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini of Iran issued a fatwa and offered a bounty for the assassination of author Salman Rushdie, whose novel The Satanic Verses (1988) Khomeini denounced as blasphemous.

day Valentine's Day card

270ce – Today is Valentine’s Day, the feast day of St. Valentine, a priest and physician who was martyred about 270 ce in Rome, and the tradition of exchanging greetings of love on Valentine’s Day is based on the legend that Valentine had signed a letter to his jailer’s daughter, with whom he had fallen in love, “from your Valentine.”


1965 – Canada officially adopted the Maple Leaf Flag following a royal proclamation.

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