Things that tell a lot about a person’s psychology and personality

The unspoken things that tell about a person’s psychology and personality are many. The following thoughts stand out among them:
  1. Talk fast/interrupts: Was raised in a family where their opinion didn’t matter. And the only way to be heard was by getting it out as fast as possible, or interrupting.
  2. Empathic/Caring: Most likely had a abusive childhood. Some of the most abused can be the most caring.
  3. Emotions: If they have trouble expressing emotions or hold them in, another sign of a traumatic childhood, or past relationships.
  4. Soul Mate: Quickly call you their soulmate or “one” before you even learn their middle name. While I believe this connection can happen on rare occasions, but best to run if it happens quickly to be safe.
  5. Gossip: Do they constantly talk about others? How they talk about others is what they are saying about you too.
  6. Drama: Is there always a catastrophe in their life? Do they always create drama. This person needs drama in their life to distract them, from there self.
  7. Fault: Do they accept it when they are wrong? Or do they project, blame shift and deny responsibility. This here tells you how trustworthy and honest the person is.
  8. How they treat others: How they treat less fortunate is a direct reflection of who they really are. If they act superior to most, you have your answer.
  9. Friends: If they have none, or many, pay attention to that. They are the sum of the five people they hang around most. If their friends are liars, and dishonest, there’s your answer.
  10. Family: listen how they talk about their family, good or bad. Nobody’s family is perfect, if they paint their family as perfect, or try and make excuses for bad behaviors, well… will tell a lot if they are trustworthy and honest.
  11. Eye contact: If the person maintain eye contact in conversations. This show confidence and respect.
  12. Relationships: Do they quickly jump from one relationship to another with little to know alone time. This person is very insecure.
  13. Grandiose: Do they portray and image on social media and to others. But if you really get to know them, they are nothing like that. They often believe they are something they are not.
  14. Actions: You notice their words don’t align with their actions. They say one thing and it’s complete opposite. Untrustworthy.
  15. Attention to their presence: How does everyone react when they walk in a room? Does everyone get quiet, or are they open and happy to see this person? You can tell a lot how others perceive them when the relationship is new with this person.

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