The “Unaired” Part of Mrs Aisha Buhari’s Interview~ By Jaafar Jaafar.

I wonder if I should agree with you that appointment of non-APC members is the result of non-performance of the administration. Any nationalist government should bring on board people of all shades who will work for the development of the country, party leaning notwithstanding. In America, Abraham Lincoln appointed his bitterest critic Stanton as his war Secretary. He performed for America, not Lincoln. Obasanjo appointed Mahmud Waziri, the APP Chairman after his election as President, etc. So the party leaning is not the challenge in my view. After all most if not all the ministers are APC party men. Your argument appears to tally with Mbaka who claimed that Buhari’s government is not performing because of the PDP members he allowed to head some agencies. I thought such view is childish. When elections are over, every Nigerian appointed or retained in a position should be to serve Nigeria and not his/her political party affiliation. Aisha was right to ventilate her feelings but interpreting her thoughts to specific pedestrian details will not help matters. Osita Okechukwu was appointed DG VON. Maybe the greater compensation should have been ministerial appointment, from my understanding of your piece.
I am of the view, that what may have slowed down the government of Buhari may be the cabal that do not allow even his ministers easier access to him. My thoughts.

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