The Secret Message of Leah’s Sons

By Julia Blum

Leah’s First Four Sons

Leah’s first son was named Reuben, which is composed of two parts: reu (“see”) and ben (“son”). This name means “behold a son”. The second son was named Simeon, which contains the root shama (“hear”). Leah chose this name because “the Lord heard” her prayer (Gen. 29:33). The third boy is named Levi, based on the root lavah (“join”). The fourth was named Judah, based on the root hodah (“to praise”).

The Sequence of Faith

When we take a closer look at the meaning of these four Hebrew names, we see that this is hardly a random collection of words. Rather we see a fascinating progression that succinctly describes the Christian experience of faith. You begin by beholding the Son of God. You pray for forgiveness and the Lord hears you. God’s spirit joins your spirit, and you go on proclaiming words of praise.   

Enjoy Our Welcome Gift to You

If something as seemingly mundane as the four names of Leah’s sons contains so much spiritual meaning, imagine how much more the Bible has in store for you!


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