The Human Family In Trouble With Itself

A couple

The reign of terror in the human family has its roots in the acts of man himself. Since man through his policies chose to pass God’s sole right over life to fellow men, the sanctity of human life is lowered.

How can we forget all the campaigns to legalise murder in parts of the world? In the name of seeking freedom man has chosen for himself the right to create and terminate life. Supreme Court Judges in the supposed ‘God’s own country’ decided, in a land mark Roe Vs Wade case in 1973, to legalise the right of every woman over her body to abort (murder) the baby in her womb. The souls of such babies cry to God for vengeance, I believe.

Since then, pro-lifers have been working hard to upturn the judgment. So far, their effort is succeeding as some states in America have relented. That earlier judgment in favour of abortion sounded the death knell for morality, which has been declared relative.

Man has chosen passion (desire) as his god. Scores of thousands of abortions are performed daily in the States since the judgment – wasting the lives of those who would have lived to be other Christs. If they were allowed to live, they could have been kings, priests, and religious, people who could have been agents of love, forgiveness and healing.

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