Successful leadership traits in the digital age



Most companies will need to undergo significant transformation in order to be fit for the digital age. The fundamental shifts in the way that value is created in the digital age requires companies to re-imagine their place in the world, rethink how they create value through ecosystems, and transform their organizations to enable this new model of value creation.

And above all else, it requires leaders who are willing to step up and disrupt themselves. It requires leaders who are willing to challenge many of their own assumptions about what it takes to be a good leader and how to lead their organizations through this kind of transformation. Leaders will need to question whether they have the skills and capabilities that are necessary to succeed in this environment. And they will need to think about how they can fill the gaps they will uncover and rise to the challenge.

We’ve developed this short 5-minute survey to shed light on the individual leadership traits that are going to be required in the digital age.

Survey results will be reported in aggregate, but all individual responses will be kept strictly confidential. The option will be available at the end of the survey for you to provide us with your email address, and, if you wish to do so, we’ll be glad to share the aggregated findings with you. In case of questions or problems, please contact:

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