by Russ Fairman
Russ Fairman shares what the new CNSC prophecy hub believes the Lord is saying.
This has been an incredibly challenging time for many of us, yet  much is required from us, the Lord’s disciples, at this time, to feed his sheep and reach out to the lost.
Prophetic leaders across different Christian denominations are hearing the Lord speak with common clarity, as confirmed from the margins. I have compiled some of the common prophecies for the Church and our nation for 2021, and offer it to you in love to ponder:
“See I am doing a new thing, says the Lord; can you not perceive it?”
The Lord is seeking to not just realign the Church with the imperatives of Heaven, but is seeking to change and renew the Church. This is in order that we, the beautiful Bride of Christ, can make an inroad and indent into the darkness that has engulfed the world in these times we live in. There has been an increase in supernatural activity, encounters and experiences-a sure sign that the Kingdom is pressing in. There is a change of guard coming into our nation, and angelic hosts are taking their positions for the battle.

“I am purifying the Church and preparing it to reach a world which is lost in its sin and disobedience. I will be a “stumbling stone’ for many and for the ‘falling and rising of many’ . How I have longed for this time but I have also wept for the hardships it necessitates! The world is being re-formed in many different ways, some painful and some beautiful, and My Church must be re-made to relate to these new conditions.”
“Stand together, united in prayer, listening for what I, the Lord, am asking of you. Be part of this transformation, unity and breakthrough in your land. Francis steers the ship (the Church) on course, with mighty forces of wind and wave trying to dislodge him and pervert his direction, but I have given him a pilot’s eye to do this work – pray much for Cantalamessa-as you heard, he, too, is under great attack.”

Leaders of all denominations have heard the Lord require of them to help his sons and daughters to exercise and develop their prophetic gifts, to live and act prophetically in these times – for prophecy is nurtured and grown in the environment of church life (1 Corinthians 14). Those of us who are meant to hear this, will hear this invitation – I urge you to respond and engage.
“I know there is a lot going on right now to attack you and divert you from your dream. You have been pressing in, and listening to the Lord. This is delighting Heaven and shaking Hades. Know this: God has a plan for your life and He knows what he is about. Do not be afraid, persevere, stay connected to your dream – My heart said, “Seek His face.” Your face, O LORD, I will seek.” (Psalm 27:8) 

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