Silence Is Powerful

Too many times, we allow what others said about us or what they did to us to dictate who we really are. On our part, we have done a lot of wrong things too, but we know that God has forgiven us and He’s working in our hearts to forgive others who have hurt us. He’s also encouraged us to ask others for forgiveness for the hurt that we’ve caused them.

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God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness is written all over many situations in our lives. Life always comes full circle. Many times, also God sends back into your life, people with whom to teach you so many things; forgiveness, sensitivity, mercy, letting go of hurt or bitterness….and so on.

When you learn to be silent before your accusers and stop yourself from lashing back or lashing out, God takes care of the difficult situations in your life. At another time, He used an innocent comment to bring out the truth of what actually happened and gave an opportunity for grace and forgiveness again. There is the need to constantly pray to God to teach us to be an encouragement to those around us and to show His love to those around us, to build each other up.

God’s love is immeasurable!

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