Signs Of A Dangerously Insecure Man

Warning Signs Of A Dangerously Insecure Man.

December 15, 2020 Posted by Petrina /

This is a be on the lookout, cautionary post. This is one of those under acknowledged topics. I am bringing attention to it, because it is a dangerous world out there. Some women are not living in awareness. This can cause them to miss red flags. Red flags should be caught early on, if possible, and appropriate action should be taken accordingly. Due to my observations and experiences, I am more careful now. A great thing about experience is that it is a very effective teacher. It is up to me to learn from my experiences.

Everyone has insecurities. Furthermore, some men have very dangerous cases of insecurity that make them hypersensitive, prone to rage, and even homicidal. Women must pay attention and be more careful. Even though certain topics are neglected, this does not mean that they are not very real.

There are women in great danger right now because they are dealing with severely insecure men.

All it takes is the wrong thing said, done, or a wrong look on a bad day, and that could literally be the end. Some boys are taught to repress their negative emotions. They live life with unreleased, negative energy and unresolved conflict etc. Some are ticking time bombs. A woman may feel that she can love her man’s insecurity away, but that is not usually the way it works.

I used to tip-toe around other’s insecurity and try to pacify them, but it did not help. My experience is that I have dealt with very insecure men, and insecure men can be cruel, hypersensitive, and just very emotionally fragile. Their insecurity comes from within, and is a problem with them that they need to fix. No matter what I do, I cannot fix someone else.

One reason an extremely insecure person is dangerous is because of envy. Very insecure people are commonly envious. “For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.”James 3:16. Often, it is a combination of feeling inadequate and being envious.

These are some concerning characteristics of an insecure man. What may initially seem harmless could actually be characteristics indicating a homicidal nature.

• Obsessed with public reputation and will do many things in an attempt to receive recognition.

• Primary goals are self-exhaltation and self-preservation, often at the expense of others.

• Feels disrespected for little or no reason.

• Often doesn’t admit fault; blames others, denies, deflects.

• Feels unjustifiably threatened. For example, because his woman turns heads, wins an employee award, or makes more money than him.

• Is prone to rage and resentment.

• Has an unhealthily competitive nature, including competing with his woman.

• Is fearful, and therefore, often controlling.

• Resorts to putting others down in an attempt to raise himself up.

• Has a wild imagination, concocting accusations and stories about his woman, but they stem from insecurity or personal guilt.

• Resents the success of his woman.

• Is likely to cheat, and or accuse his woman of cheating, due to his insecurity and guilt.

• Is malicious and vindictive.

• Envious of others in general.

• Doesn’t fear God so much as he fears man. This is the most dangerous trait. Without the fear of God, a person is capable of anything.

Sometimes, women feel sorry for people and even date them out of pity. Some women feel desperate. In a healthy situation, a woman chooses to be with a man because she simply wants to be with him, and she feels he is right for her. If a woman ignores red flags and dates someone because she feels she can help him or cure him, it may backfire in the worst way.

It is good to be able to see through any charm, good looks, wealth, look past pity, and make a safe decision on who we allow into our lives. Another problem is that the loved ones of a woman are at risk when she brings a dangerous man into her life. Stats show it is common for women to end up in dangerous relationships. Therefore, the tips in this post serve to:

1) Shed light on red flags to look out for in a partner.

2) Remind women of the dangerous world that we live in, and as a reminder to live cautiously, wisely.

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