Sadistic Foreign Policy: Cubans, Bidens, and Empty Jockstrap

Fred Reed • July 24, 2021 • 

Listening to the pronouncements on Cuba by our cardboard President I wonder what the hell the United States is trying to do in Latin America? Biden, a lifelong hack of little mind and that going south, runs on, or his ventriloquist does, about his support for the Cuban people. He cares deeply about the Cuban people. Yes he does. So why does this malignant drab want to ruin their lives? He is placing more sanctions against the island. Is he too stupid to realize that sanctions hurt only the people, not the leaders, who can get their prime rib and good bourbon anyway? Or does he simply not care?

If there is any place on this or any other planet that poses less danger to America than Cuba, except Venezuela or maybe some undiscovered tribe in the Brazilian rainforest, I can’t imagine who. There are eleven million Cubans, and all but about five want to work, drink, play with their children, and make phenomenal music that would send the solemn horses’ asses of the thinktanks into therapy. For sixty years the goddam United States has tried to starve them, sanction them, make them as miserable as possible out of a weird sort of Nordic sadism. It is sickening.

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Kamala might not stand for it. Of course, standing is not her primary talent.

What does this wind-up political toy know about Cuba? Joe presides, dimly, over a country that for over half a century has done everything it can to ensure the misery of those eleven million innocent people, doing everything it can to make their lives as hard as possible. But Joe, he of the forty-weight sincerity probably learned at Central Casting, feels for the Cuban people. Yes, he does. Where did we get this guy?

Has the sadistic muppet ever even been to Cuba? I have, years ago on a magazine assignment. I had to get permission from Treasury under the Trading with the Enemy Act. Why? The Cubans were not my enemy. They aren’t anybody’s enemy. We found them to be, to our unsurprise, friendly and hospitable people, even though we were from the country that is their chief source of misery. We—my wife and I—spent a fair few nights in a cheap outdoor restaurant on the malecón, watching the waves shatter against the breakwater with a roar and burst of spume and chatting with the clientele. Curiously, neither they nor the other people we met resembled the evil communists imagined by the First Pabulum Dispenser on Pennsylvania Avenue. On other occasions, Violeta being mildly crazy, we spent hours walking the poor sections, streets lined with buildings of an age now past falling apart from the general poverty of the island. All in all, an agreeable Latin American country but ground down by merciless American strangulation.

But, you see, it’s for democracy and human rights. America is all about human rights. Ask the Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laos, Iraqis, Syrians, Afghans, Somalis, Yeminis, Libyans, Iranians, Venezuelans.

Why does America torture Cuba? Because Washington divides countries into two categories, those that submit, and enemies. Which countries don’t lick American boots? Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and…Cuba. America does everything, and will do everything it can to crush the disobedient: embargos, sanctions, invasion, isolation from the world financial system, coups, assassination, tariffs, bombing. When vassals it calls allies, such as Europe, begin to show independence, as by allowing Nordstream II, it sanctions them as readily as it does the enemies. But, see, it isn’t to protect the Empire, to hurt anybody to any extent to remain dominant, to ruin millions upon millions of people who have no interest in politics, in order to maintain hegemony. No. It’s to overthrow dictators. Except those useful to Washington, which it frequently installs.

Is it possible that Biden believes his own twaddle? He is not a pinnacle of neuronal radiance, having finished low in his class in a mediocre law school, after being caught cheating. He appears to have little experience of the world. Yes, as VP he met a hundred world leaders in diplomatic banquets. But has he ever lived in another country? Walked its neighborhoods? Eaten in the side streets? Dated its women? Talked politics with other than the political class? Does he speak another language?

An eerie disconnect lies between America’s rulers and the America they rule, the world they live in. For example, Latin immigration is a crucial issue in America. How much time has Biden spent in, say, Mexico? In the great barrio of East LA? Race relations between black and white are a disaster. When was the last time he dined in Anacostia, Washington’s main black neighborhood? Has he ever been to Anacostia? The police, their behavior, problems, and the world in which they work, rock the country. Has Biden ever been in a police car? Has he any idea of the bad sections at three a.m., of the reality of the streets?

America is constantly at war. Has he been in a war? Seen one? Has he even been in the military?

But he torments the Cubans. For truth, justice, and the American way. Which is the problem. This is the American way.

This is not new. American government has been dropping toward the level of Belize for decades. We had the Clintons selling favors to sordid foreign governments and Bill doing chunky interns in the Offal Office when he wasn’t with Hill in Epstein’s underage ginch island. We had Bush II, who was mostly just dim, a flickering bulb in no danger of kidnapping by Mensa. Trump, a crooked real-estate hustler with the elegance of a truss ad, now under criminal investigation. At the moment we are supernally blessed with Biden with a kid deep in furtive shenanigans involving influence peddling to Ukraine. The morals of the Sinaloa cartel, the intellect of Reader’s Digest, warbling in three-part harmony about transgender rights.

Kamala is not without qualifications but, if Joe made use of them, he would be in divorce court.

The country is in the hands of Thorazine cases. Of pathologically aggressive mongooses, or mongoslings. I wouldn’t trust them to run a lemonade stand, even with supervision by their mothers much less a country bristling with overpriced weaponry that might, unexpectedly, actually work at an awkward moment.

The proportion of draft dodgers among our current martial virgins illuminates their unfamiliarity with America. Bush II, who sheltered in the National Guard. Cheney (I had other priorities). Trump, a golden crested cockatoo speaking English like a brain-damaged twelve-year-old and threatening North Korea with fire and brimstone. Pompeo, who hid in the Navy, a non-combat outfit. Bolton, with his codpiece mustache. Biden, who played football in college but developed asthma whenever in the vicinity of a draft board.

Maybe the warlike posturing of these Beltway isolates is to persuade themselves that they are of one blood with Hells Angels. I imagine all three of Trump’s fern-bar Napoleons, Bannon, Pompeo, and Bolton, sitting in a dark room in the West Wing, masturbating furiously in passionate autolubricity while reading bayonet catalogs, with Trump in the next room tirelessly watching reruns of himself on Fox News. And Biden, sending the Navy to say nya-nya-nay to the Russians in the Black Sea, bowwow, woof, grrr. pondering whether to start World War Three as a publicity stunt in time for the midterms. But none of these was going to risk his sweet ass in a war when he could send some kid from Memphis.

Look at Washington’s, now Biden’s, foreign policy. The Russians and Chinese work on a trade route over the Arctic to have a shorter route than through Suez. Biden hyperventilates, Views With Alarm, and sends warships to Confront Russia. How do you confront a trade route ? No end upset with China; Biden gets a pack of poodle countries to send warships to deter Beijing in the Indian Ocean. Deter it from what? What do they think China is going to do to the Indian Ocean? Poison it? Drain it? Now we have all sorts of poodleties driving warships around the Black Sea, to Send a Message to Russia. Why not Western Union? Gmail? Little boys saying, “Nya nya nya.” Really. They are just like teen-age gangs with their stupid turf wars.

Now we have Biden, a leftover Cold Warrior who performs the three duties essential in a President, obeying Israel, protecting Wall Street, and shoveling money into the arms industry. Joe could be done in software as a senior project at a good high school and no one would know the difference. Think of the savings. Instead of flying expensively to foreign countries, he could be emailed. But he won’t allow remittances to Cubans because he wants to starve them. What did the lady say about the banality of evil? The man, if he quite is one, makes me sick.

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