“Reputable” Mainstream American media, losing relevance? It is worrisome.

I thought it is in the place of the media as the “conscience of society, the people’s voice and watchdog” to not only keep the government in check but also serve as  the purveyor of TRUTH. The mainstream media have done so well down the decades and earned the people’s trust not only in America but globally. It is the reason I thought the media in emerging countries model their practice after NYT, WAPO, CNN, etc.

The American media used to bask in the joy of paving the way for their candidates of choice to become President of the United States or do everything possible to bring down those they never liked. This worked over time but I thought the practice has reached it’s zenith and now on a downward spiral. Whatever the truth, time and unfolding events shall tell.

What beats me is how the mainstream (liberal) media now position themselves as “opposition” to a new government! This position of opposition had registered all through the campaigns and continued to the present when a new government is in place. Granted, the aspirant and later Republican candidate for the office of President of the USA was called all sorts of names by the same media which declared him unfit for the office, proved them wrong at the polls, maintaining disdain for such a person in the name of keeping his administration in check gives away their intention. Now, they’re branded “fake new outlets”, thereby creating credibility crisis for them. Who wins – those media or Trump? Are the mainstream media not inadvertently ceding their reputable role to other emerging news outlets?

As a faithful subscriber to many of the mainstream media outfits, I get worried reading the gaps between the write ups in the mainstream media (most of which are opinions) and the hard news reports of alternate media on the same issues. What are all these leading the society?

I thought is rethink and reappraisal of positions is necessary. Recapitulation in my view is necessary to reposition and rearm rather than sign of weakness.



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