Reason Forgiveness Is Necessary

I have tried to explain the concept of forgiveness in a recent post. Following from that post, I thought it necessary to reflect on the reasons for forgiving.

God gives us two very good reasons in Scripture for why we should forgive. First, God commands us to forgive others. God forgave us while we were His enemies, Romans 5:10; and we should do likewise with one another. Second, those who do not forgive others indicate that they themselves have not been forgiven because a truly regenerated heart is a forgiving heart (Matthew 6:14-15). If we are filled with resentment and bitterness, we are exhibiting the “works of the flesh,” not the fruit of the Spirit which is evidence of true salvation (Galatians 5:19-23).

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Anger, bitterness, hate; these emotions weigh heavily on your body and in your thoughts. When you don’t process and release your emotions, they remain trapped inside you and can cause physical ailments like stomach aches and high blood pressure and can worsen depression and anxiety. When you forgive and let go of a grievance, you are freeing your body and your mind. Forgiveness isn’t the only way to let go of negative emotions, but it’s one of the best

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