Police Identify Tulsa Hospital Shooting Suspect, Reveal Likely Motive

By Jack Phillips June 2, 2022

A 45-year-old man shot and killed four people and himself at a medical office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on June 1 after he complained about back pain, officials confirmed on June 2.

The gunman was identified by the Tulsa Police Department as Michael Louis. Police on June 1 initially identified the suspect as a black male between the ages of 35 and 40, saying that he had a handgun and rifle.

Louis bought a rifle on the same day as the attack before killing St. Francis Hospital doctors Preston Phillips and Stephanie Husen. The other two victims were identified as receptionist Amanda Glenn and patient William Love, Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin said during a June 2 news conference.

Franklin told reporters that he targeted Phillips following a recent surgery, “On May 19, Michael Louis went into the hospital for a back surgery.”

Officials discovered a letter on Louis in which he said he came in to kill Phillips and “anyone who got in his way,” Franklin said, adding that he blamed Phillips for ongoing back pain.

The suspect was released on May 24 but “right after release, Louis called several times over several days complaining of pain and wanted additional treatment,” the chief stated. “He blamed Dr. Phillips for the ongoing pain following the surgery,” Franklin said.

On May 31, Louis was evaluated by Phillips, an orthopedist, again for additional treatment. But on June 1, Louis called his office “complaining of back pain and wanting additional assistance,” Franklin said.

“We grieve with the families after this senseless tragedy. We grieve with the co-workers,” Franklin said. “And we pray. We pray because we all need prayer.”

Louis’s family also confirmed his identity to The Daily Beast.

“Tulsa Police called me and verified that it’s my uncle,” Louis’s niece, who wasn’t named, told the outlet on June 2. “We are so distraught. I don’t even want to be associated because I’m so disgusted.”

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