Nigeria’s Former President Obasanjo likens Buhari Govt To Abacha Military Junta



Former president Olusegun Obasanjo has said that the government of President Muhammadu Buhari is like that of late former military dictator, Gen. Sanni Abacha, blasting Mr. Buhari, also a former military dictator, for using the EFCC, CCT and the police to deal with those he sees as his enemies

Mr. Obasanjo said this in an address, titled “points for action and concern” which he delivered to journalist at his presidential library in Abeokuta on Sunday.

He said, “today another Abacha era is here.
The security institutions are being misused to fight all critics and opponent of Buhari and to derail our fledgling democracy.

“EFCC, Police and Code of Conduct Tribunal are equally being misused to deal with those Buhari sees as his enemies for criticising him or as those who may not do his bidding in manipulating election results.”

2 thoughts on “Nigeria’s Former President Obasanjo likens Buhari Govt To Abacha Military Junta

  1. When senior citizens like OBJ , who helped to bring the this president to power and cannot be said to be his enemy till now talks , we should listen. Our President is Visibly in a Vegetative State of Mind and we call on the chief Medical Officer of the Nation to Issue a National News Conference to Update the Nation on the Presidential Candidates Health Status. ( for the major candidates in order not to make it look discriminatory to the President ). This is to avoid preventable risks of have a repeat of this Presidents frequent hospitalisation in the past for years. The first lady *the one closest to the President says that some else is running the government . Those people the same people pushing and obviously finished man for their own selfishness knowing that they are the ones really in power and will officially take over should the president not make it. It is pertinent to note that Nigeria occupies a more important position in Africa and the World as whole and thus can not afford have have a weak leader like Buhari, An ex-military that has not been able to defeat boko haram. Our soldiers get killed every day and pmb is keep aloof . Enough is enough! Nigeria deserves better! Let’s not allow few men to kidnap our Democracy! No Never. Any Other Person Is Better than This Situation as long as it is democratic.

    1. Thanks very much indeed for your perspectives my dear friend. What amazes me is the fact that those believed to be educated and opinion leaders as well as civil society groups are, for whatever reason(s) are huddled in the conspiracy to foist Buhari in his present state of health on Nigerians. It does seem there is a grand plan behind the effort. It is up to Nigerians beyond whining, to use their votes properly in the February 16 Presidential polls, hoping it will hold anyway. Again, I appreciate your contribution.

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