Nigerian Politician’s Son fingered in Lagos schoolboy death

Marcus Fatunmole 

THE family of Senator Buruji Kashamu has refuted the allegation that Adewale Kashamu – one of the sons of the late politician – was complicit in the death of Sylvester Oromoni, a pupil of Dowen College who died under mysterious circumstances last Tuesday.

In a statement on Sunday, the family wondered why Adewale appeared most prominent among the five persons named by the deceased to have attacked him.

According to the statement signed by Mutairu Kashamu, the deceased’s family had thoroughly probed Adewale, who had proven his innocence.

Adewale had allegedly joined his peers to pounce on the late boy for rebuffing pleas to join a cult group. 

But his family said he was not aware anyone beat Sylvester. 

Sighting Sylvester limping in school, he thought he was injured while playing football, and he advised him to seek care at the school clinic.

But there had been a close relationship between Adewale and Sylvester, the family admitted.

He was a school father to Sylvester in his first year at the school on his (Sylvester) sister’s request. 

Sylvester’s sister was a student at the school.

But the bond between them reduced this year because Sylvester moved to a different floor of the boarding school, the family claimed.

“Adewale Michael Kashamu is a compassionate and considerate boy. Sometime last session, some boys had been accused of beating Sylvester with belts and seizing his foodstuff, but Adewale Michael Kashamu was not involved. He was, in fact, in sympathy with Sylvester over that incident.

“On that occasion, Sylvester’s parents made a report to the school, and the affected students were questioned. One of them at least was suspended.

“Adewale Michael Kashamu is not aware that an identical incident occurred again this year leading to Sylvester’s injury and death,” the family said.

According to the Adewale, every student interviewed over the incident had said Sylvester was injured while playing football with his fellow students.

The Kashamus described the claim of their son’s involvement in events leading to the boy’s death as ‘a butt of irresponsible, falsehood-based and unwarranted attacks.’

The family said it had delayed its response to thoroughly investigate its son, adding that its probe absolved him.

It appealed to the public to wait for Police and Lagos State investigations into the tragedy.

While sympathizing with the Oromonis, the family vowed to cooperate with the deceased’s parents, the Police, the Lagos State government and other relevant stakeholders to unravel the cause of the incident.

“There is no denying the fact that Adewale Michael Kashamu is one of the children of the late Senator Buruji Kashamu. But, no family or parent will send a child to school to be involved in any form of crime or criminality, like no parent would be happy to be informed that a child they sent to school to learn has been molested or killed under any guise.

“That is why we wish to appeal for restraint on all sides. The cyber-bullying of our family will not help in any way to solve the bullying in schools that society through the ages has desired to stop.

“On our part, we have continued to engage our son, Adewale Michael Kashamu, and he has continued to maintain his innocence.”

On Saturday, The ICIR reported how Delta State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa joined the Lagos State Governor to hunt for the boy’s killers.

Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora have lauded the Lagos State government for shutting down the school for thorough investigation into the death.

The National Association of Nigerian Students has urged foreign missions to deny all the five pupils named in the attack entry into their nations.

Meanwhile, the father of the deceased, Sylvester Oromoni Sr., celebrated his late son’s birthday as he posthumously clocked 12 years on Saturday.

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