Nigeria, A Giant Without Humanity?

Nigerian used to be accorded the epithet of the “most populous black nation in the world”. And in truth, so it has been. Today, I wonder if Nigeria still is, what with the unending violence that has peaked in the last 6 years.

A former general of the Nigerian Army, Muhammadu Buhari campaigned in the run up to the country’s 2015 elections that he would root out Boko Haram, the violent group, within few week if elected President of Nigeria. Nigerians voted massivelu for him.

Six years on, the most violent boko haram terror which operated actively in Borno and Yobe states in the North east of Nigeria, have been emboldened, spreading their tentacles and basis to the states in the North west of Nigeria. The group has been attacking and killing men of the armed forces at will.

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Another terror group is the fulani herdsmen militia. They also kill freely, sack communities, kidnap for ransome and a lot more.

Today in Nigeria, no place is safe. Scores of people, mostly the farming communities are killed wantonly as men of the armed forces look on.

Officers of the association of herdsmen, umbrella for fulanis claim that they kill because their cows are attacked by farmers when they enter farmlands and destroy crops. That means that they value their animals more than human beings. As kinsmen of President Muhammadu Buhari, the armed forces and Police behave the ostrich when the herdsmen strike in any community.

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