Like Nigeria, Like America

In terms of development and civilization, Nigeria cannot compare with America. The only reason comparison becomes necessary is one issue of the moment.

In the run up to Nigeria’s general elections in 2015, America’s 44th President Barack Obama and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton rolled out the CNN and Obama’s campaign media team to promote Lt. General Muhammadu Buhari (a former military dictator) as the right candidate for Nigeria’s Presidency.

Buhari, Jonathan And Nigerian Situation – Independent Newspaper Nigeria

Within the campaign window in Nigeria, former President Goodluck Jonathan was practically up against the might of the American government and the American mainstream media. The CNN presented the sitting President as lame duck who could not rescue the abducted female students of Chibok.

Muhammadu Buhari got elected. Six years on, what Nigerians have witnessed and are still witnessing is ineptitude of the government practically foisted on Nigeria by President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Before Buhari came on, President Jonathan’s government contained and confined the Boko Haram to few local counties in the North East of Nigeria. In the past six years of Buhari, the Boko Haram got emboldened and spread its tentacles to states in the North West and North Central and kill and destroy at will.

President Buhari’s kinsmen, fulani herdsmen further extended the frontiers of insecurity through wanton killing and destruction and also chasing out farming population in the middlebelt of the country and taking possesion of the lands.

In the case of the United States, Obama and Democratic goons used every available means to foist Joe Biden on Americans as President. His actions since he became the 46th President are so unpopular that even Democrats themselves are now looking for cover.

Imagine the ineptitute in handling the border challenge, a huge threat to America’s existence.

Well, America through Obama foisted Buhari on Nigeria and brought Biden on herself. Not an ideal comparison but it is one all the same.

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