Let Go and Find More Peace


Focus carefully on what you’re feeling right now. Don’t numb it with distractions, but instead bring it further into your awareness.

Turn to it, and welcome it. Breathe and give what you feel your full, thoughtful attention.

Notice the specific feeling in your body. Where is the feeling situated? What unique qualities does it have?

Notice the tension in your body too, and also in your mind, that arises from this feeling.

Try relaxing the tense parts of your body. Then relax the tense parts of your mind. Do so by focusing on your breath: Close your eyes, breathe in and feel it, breathe out and feel it, again and again, until you feel more relaxed.

In this more relaxed state, find some quiet space within yourself and…

1. Allow yourself to rediscover the fundamental goodness within you, that’s present in every moment.

2. Allow yourself to rediscover the fundamental goodness of this very moment, that’s always available to you whenever you’re willing to focus on it.

This is the practice of letting go—of THINKING BETTER and LIVING BETTER—and simply accepting the moment as it is, and yourself as you are.

You can do this anytime, wherever you are. You can practice focusing on the goodness in others as well. Seeing the goodness in your challenges and relationships and work, and more. Inner peace is possible.

If you’ve been struggling to cope with the weight of what’s on your mind lately, it’s a strong sign that it’s time… to let GO!

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