Isn’t The Universe Tithering Towards The Brink?

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Observable events across the globe clearly point to cataclysmic and catastrophic end of the human race and our world.

1. In the United States of America, the world’s largest democracy, some demon-crazy persons and groups take pleasure in the murder of the unborn. It has gone on for so long and crystalized into unfeeling, chilly murder of people at will It is not impossible that the murderers are products of a system of a morally relative people. There are also people out to cancel the much prized American civilization. It may sound unrealizable but the pep being given to unimaginable groups by the ruling Democratic Party points to it.

2.The Talibans are back in power and exerting their pound of flesh on all Afghans in the main who collaborated with the United States in driving them out of power. They’re ruthless.

3. Iran is courting neighboring countries to annihilate the state of Israel. Yemen’s crisis is already known. Iran has been working hard to possess nuclear bomb capability to destroy Israel and of course, the United States.

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4. Boko Haram, ISWAP and killer herdsmen are on the prowl in Nigeria and surrounding countries. Their stock in trade is murdering human beings without any qualms. It hurts to know that humans can descend on and kill fellow humans without provocation.

No part of the globe is free. Methink the end is near. However, there is no prediction as nobody knows the time, says the scriptures. It is scary.

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