How To Nurture Unity In Marriage?

Amata J.N. | Amata J.N.

What God has joined together …

The Gospel for this Sunday: Mark 10:2-16

1. Unity: Pope Francis acknowledges that spouses, “They argue, this is how it is, there is always arguing in marriage, sometimes the plates even fly.”

But we must always begin again:

It isn’t necessary to call the United Nations to come to the house and make peace. A little gesture is sufficient, a caress, and then let it be! Until tomorrow! And tomorrow begin again. And this is life, carrying on …

But what can be done so that there may be unity in the family?

2. Key Words

“Therefore, what God has joined together, no human being must separate.”

The love of the spouses is a reflection of God’s love, which is faithful and unchanging. In daily life, spouses face many difficulties and trials that tend to undermine the beauty and unity of their love. Pope Francis offers some valuable advice. He counsels: “Do not let a day when you have argued end without making peace. Never!”

Pope gives three magic words that help in marriage and family: please, thank you, sorry.

The three magic words. May I: so as not to be intrusive in the life of the spouses. May I, but how does it seem to you? May I, please allow me. Thank you: to thank one’s spouse; thank you for what you did for me, thank you for this. That beauty of giving thanks! And since we all make mistakes, that other word which is a bit hard to say but which needs to be said: sorry. Please, thank you, and sorry.

There is another particularly important piece of advice from Pope Francis: “The important thing it to keep alive their bond with God, who stands as the foundation of the marital bond. And the true bond is always the Lord. When the family prays, the bond is preserved. When the husband prays for his wife and the wife prays for her husband, that bond becomes strong; one praying for the other.”

3. Today

What about me, how do I nurture unity in my family? Do I pray for my loved ones? Am I able to ask for prayers for my intentions? Do I ask my wife/husband’s opinion? How do I express my gratitude to my loved ones? Do I apologize? Do I forgive?

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