So much has been written and preached about the meaning of 666 in the Bible.

The name “Nero Caesar” spelled in Hebrew נרון קסר  (neron qesar) adds up to 666. Of course, the names of other historical people could match the same numeric value, so someone can argue that this is a lucky guess and it means nothing.

But curiously, some later Greek manuscripts of Revelation feature the number 616 instead of 666. Why? The number is a name, and it was deliberately adjusted to line up with the Latin spelling of Nero’s name – NERO CAESAR (dropping the “n” letter used in Hebraic spelling). This would not work with other proposed names that match the 666 sum. The Latin spellings of those names would no longer line up to the numeric value of 616. Nero’s name is unique in this respect. The identity of who 666 stands for was known to some scribes.

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