Fugitive Father Murders Daughter For ‘Honor’

This FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitive Murdered His Daughters In The Name Of ‘Honor’

He evaded the police for 12 years.


Yaser Said | Photo Credits: Konnie Moments

Amina and Sarah Said were two beautiful girls that had a life full of potential in front of them. Their only obstacle; their tyrant father, who would not let them enjoy any freedom and had an iron grip over everything they did. Yaser Said always had a problem with what the girls did, even if it was as small as tending to a male customer at their respective jobs. These issues reached their height when Amina was 18 and Sarah 17, resulting in their father murdering them in cold blood inside his taxi. As the girls took their last breath, Yaser escaped the scene of the crime, never to resurface for 12 years.

The story of Amina and Sarah Said is a chilling tale of how even your immediate family can subject you to unfathomable abuse. It is a story of two bright girls that lived a life of oppression and tyranny under a disgusting man named Yaser Said.

Amina & Sarah Said | Photo Credits: Cross Timbers Gazette

Who is Yaser Said?

Yaser Abdel Said entered the United States in 1983 on a student visa from Egypt. After arriving in America, he became a taxi driver and would use his car to spy and eventually murder his daughters. He married Patricia Owens soon after in 1987 and obtained his green card. He would later also obtain his permanent residency and become a citizen in 1997.

The marriage between Patricia and Yaser was not out of love. After all, Patricia was only 16 when Yaser was around 30. Patricia just wanted to get out of her poverty-ridden household, and Yaser was her escape. Soon after getting married, Yaser started subjecting Patricia to abuse and asserted his dominance. He claimed himself to be the head of the family, and his word was the final say. In one event that Patricia recalls, Yaser sliced her leg with a knife because she refused to have sex with him. Yaser’s controlling personality raised many red flags and would soon make life a living hell for his daughters as well.

Amina And Sarah Said — Young, Bright, And Full Of Life

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Amina and Sarah Said were born only one year apart, with Amina being the elder one. Both of them were inseparable and always stood up for each other. They lived life to its fullest and tried to see the silver lining in all the bad they were surrounded by. Both girls were not allowed to have a lot of friends, so they sought companionship with each other; they were each other’s best friends. Amina was an outgoing girl that wanted to experience everything life had to offer. She would take up taekwondo classes and had a smile on her face that was very hard to wipe off.

On the other hand, Sarah was a high achiever who would get the best grades in class while also being a goofy girl that would radiate happiness. Both girls were ambitious and wanted to go to college, with Amina thinking of studying medicine. Some of their friends recall them as being so lovely that no one was able to hate them. Little did they know the pain that their smiles carried behind them.

The Abuse Of Amina and Sarah Said

Life was not easy for the two sisters, who were barely considered human by their father. Yaser was strictly conservative and believed in traditional values. Regardless of his conservative values, he was also just a terrible human being that had no regard for the dignity of his daughters. He physically and sexually abused his own daughters several times. Amina and Sarah were 9 and 8 years old, respectively, at the time of the molestation. They reported their abuse to the authorities as well but were made to retract their statement, something that Amina’s aunt corroborates. Even though Patricia denies Yaser ever sexually abusing the girls, medical reports did not rule out sexual abuse. Yaser also repeatedly beat them brutally, and they would show up to school with a cut lip or several bruises across their faces. Amina wrote in her letters about how Yaser would stomp their faces with his boots.

As if physical abuse was not enough, he would constantly spy on the sisters. He would subject them to more torture if they broke any ‘rules.’ These rules were up to the discretion of Yaser and ranged from smiling at a customer where Sarah was employed to hanging out with friends for an extended period of time. This psychological abuse was something that both girls had experienced all throughout their lives. The details of their abuse are enough to send a chill down anyone’s spine. Yet, it is no less than heroic for the two sisters to continue to smile and spread joy.

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“We Are Going For Dinner.” Yaser Lures The Girls To His Car And Murders Them

During her Taekwondo classes, Amina met the love of her life, Joseph Moreno. It was love at first sight, and the both of them started talking, taking necessary precautions as Moreno was aware of Amina’s situation. They dated for about four years, and after Yaser started talking about marrying Amina off to a much older man in Egypt, she made plans to run away with Moreno. Unfortunately, Yaser caught one of Amina’s letters that she wrote to Moreno and immediately relocated the family over 30 kilometers away from their previous residence. To make matters worse, he also found out that Sarah was also dating. He threatened to kill Amina and Sarah both if they did not ‘mend their ways.’

The abuse not only continued but increased at their new house. On one such occasion after Christmas, Patricia decided that she had had enough and took the daughters with her to Oklahoma, where they lived with some relatives of Amina’s boyfriend. However, Yaser persuaded Patricia and lulled her into false promises about changing and forgiving everyone. This caused Patricia to take her daughters back to Texas even though both of them begged to stay.

Amina and Sarah reached Texas accompanied by their mother on January 1st, 2008. On the turn of the new year, Yaser lovingly asked to take both of his daughters to dinner. However, his loving act was a farce for something much more sinister he had planned. Patricia asked to come along, but Yaser insisted that he wanted some alone time with his daughters. Yaser then drove them up to Irving, Texas, and proceeded to shoot the girls 11 times. Amina was shot three times in the chest and died instantly, while Sarah was shot eight times and suffered a torturous death. Sarah managed to call 911 in her final moments after Yaser escaped and begged for help. She would stay connected to the 911 call for around 40 minutes before dying; no help arrived in the meantime.

On The Run — Yaser Said Disappears In Thin Air

The brutality of the case sent shockwaves throughout the country and made national headlines. Soon after, Yaser Said became a wanted man and was added to the FBI’s ten most wanted list. However, it seemed that he disappeared in thin air, and no one knew where he went. For about 12 years, all leads turned up empty, and even a $100,000 reward was put up for anyone that could assist in Yaser’s capture. In August 2020, the FBI tailed Islam Said, the son of Yaser and Yassein Said, the brother of Yaser, which led them to a house in Justin, Texas.

The investigators would carefully monitor the home and had reasons to believe that a third person was living inside the residence. Soon afterward, they obtained a warrant to search the house. Upon searching, they found Yaser Said, and he was immediately taken into custody. His son and brother were also arrested on the grounds of harboring a fugitive. Islam has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison while Yaser himself has been indicted on capital murder charges making him eligible for the death penalty.

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What happened to Amina and Sarah Said is absolutely heartbreaking. No one can read this story without being devastated by how everything turned out. These honor killings, as they have been called, have done anything but bring honor to the Said family. Today, as Yaser Said and his accomplices face trial and their eventual punishment, one could hope that the souls of the joyous young girls are finally at peace.

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