Foreign Governments Don’t Understand Tricks Of The Fulani In Nigeria

In Nigeria, the tribe that presents as Northern Nigeria is the Fulani ethnic group. The fulani through the Jihadist Othman Danfodiyo, from the Futa Jallon Highlands in Sierra Leone, conquered the indigenous Hausa tribes by killing their leaders and their subjects to forcefully accept Islam.

Since the conquest, the Fulani have been in leadership at every level particularly in the North western part of Nigeria where Danfodiyo and his brother relations Muhammadu Bello and Abdullahi presided as political and religious leaders.

A known feature of the fulani is that they insist on leadership and refuse to be led by any other tribe. They can war to ensure they remove anyone standing in their way. It is with this tribe that the British colonial powers related with and allowed to embark on indirect rule.

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Fulani herdsmen marauding Nigeria

Today in Nigeria, fulanis are in power through one of their own, former military rule Muhammadu Buhari. With his election as President in Nigeria in 2015, fulanis particularly herders from other African countries became bolder and flooded every part of Nigeria with their herds. A common feature of their conduct is that they uproot indigenous farmers’ crops to feed their animals and kill farmers who raise objections without qualms.

President Muhammadu Buhari

The violent herdsmen are known to not only kill; they rape women who they meet on the farms as their right and kill their husbands and relations who dare question them. Those fulanis do not speak hausa nor any other Nigerian language. Yet, President Muhammadu Buhari’s government is bent in ceding land to those herdsmen to cohabit with the citizens whose land they are forcefully converting.

It is believed that the goal of the Buhari government is to have fulanis in large number in every state so as to generate enough political votes during the 2023 elections in order for him to be succeeded by another fulani candidate so as to perpetuate the foundation being laid by him.

Foreign governments do not realise this and they keep dealing with him at the expense of Nigerians in the middle belt and southern states whose economies are really sustaining the north and the entire country.

What a travesty of diplomatic relationship!

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