Five Young Deacons Ordained Priests for Catholic Diocese Of Sokoto, Nigeria

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto, North West Nigeria, Most Reverend Matthew Hassan Kukah has ordained five Deacons as priests of the Diocese. The ceremony was held at the Holy Family Catholic Cathedral, Sokoto.

In a homily, Bishop Kukah said it is for a difficult and trying time as it is in Nigeria that the role of priesthood is most necessary as rulers of God’s people. The prelate said it is not the job of Catholic priests to dabble into partisan politics to predict or prophesy individual political candidates or Political parties to win elections as well as tongue-in-cheeck speaking truth to power.

Speaking truth to power in political matters he said is not the primary job of priests especially in an attempt to be on the side of opposition to fight a ruling government.

Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah further said Catholic priests should not take the part of charlatan prophets to prophesy inanities in order to make money. Priests he said are ordained to work as Jesus Christ did by ministering to souls and encouraging them to hope in God.

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