Evil Prevails When Good People Only Phone In Their Parts

By ——September 26, 2021


What’s her face, ‘psaki’, the woman with the ugly red hair who does much of biden’s lying for him, commented that videos of US Border Patrol Agents slapping at illegal aliens trying to get in our country were “horrific.” I will respond by saying that I am sure that some of the posthumous photography/videos of the sweet, little American children/victims of the unprecedented glut of sex traffickers and perverts who have illegally gained entrance into America are infinitely more horrific. But I mean she fearlessly stands up in front of journalists inquiring about why the government is mandating vaccinations for Americans while untested and unvaccinated illegals gush into our country like bad toilet drainage. And the best she can come up with is a sarcastic, “that’s correct.” She has no respect for right or wrong.

It is all just more empty distraction from you and your sickeningly saccharine smiles and lies

I won’t even fake any respect for her—or the new ex-Congressman from Ohio who had the audacity to call Trump a ‘cancer.’ My remark back to him is, “Hey, slick. I would rather have whatever you are calling ‘cancer’ running this nation than the totally metastasized malignancy/filth & co. that are currently running our badly injured and limping, formerly great nation into the dirt. In every area we are currently being sold a bill of goods so the wrecking crew that is feverishly ripping the guts out of our nation can get that job done before sincere help can arrive. [And the offices they have so bastardized beyond recognition in looking for gain for themselves? Let’s put real people back into them before we talk about respecting any offices.]

It is beyond my understanding how people can condemn a moment of Donald Trump’s Presidency as we are crawling through the septic tank of deliberate failure given to America by the new, demonic leftist leadership of pure evil led by an ostensibly possessed joe biden. Oh, yes, and we can’t forget our so-called ‘first woman vice president’. We have seen her skills as an assistant in the first year in her office. Like her boss, it is obvious that she only knows how to smile and lie (in that order). And that’s all it takes to seize offices of greater authority in the new leftist ‘amerika’: it is all about serving up buckets full of televised, generally meaningless rhetoric. And they do that in between ridiculously inappropriately entertaining commercial messages. In the last days of our paying some attention to the airfield at Kabul in Afghanistan, all the mayhem and distraction were regularly interlaced with cheery commercials for candy, fabric softener, drive-through sandwich and taco stores, etc.. People were getting killed and being targeted for inevitable assassination by the freshly, biden-rejuvenated/installed Taliban. And all the major TV networks handled it like the closing days of a state fair. In fact, the problems the lame stream news has invented to keep us distracted: racism, fake infections and vaccinations, and racism, are not at all the real disasters tearing our America into pieces. The real disasters are every lie Americans overlook due to the perfectly milled distractions being thrown at us by usurping frauds posing as concerned leadership and journalists.

In yesterday’s news our alleged president was answering criticism about the treatment of Haitian illegals at the southern border and his handling of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Oh yes, and his poll numbers are down, by the way. Nevertheless, biden said that ‘voter frustration’ is “understandable”. He went on to say that people thought the pandemic would be more under control but hadn’t anticipated so many would refuse to be vaccinated. What colossal BS. biden is conveniently crediting ‘voter frustration’ with his canard that ‘nobody had anticipated so many would refuse to be vaccinated.’ That’s called filling up more empty space with empty words. First of all, joey, to attribute ‘voter frustration’ to the idea that no one had anticipated that so many would refuse to be shot with effectively untested junk (which has received more qualified criticism than JFK’s assassination) doesn’t begin to explain ‘voter frustration’ regarding your frankly evil and anti-American first eight months of your stolen presidency. But you will say whatever you feel can get the spotlight dimmed so as to get you through another of your stupid press breaks or brakes. It is all just more empty distraction from you and your sickeningly saccharine smiles and lies. And that is substantially all you’ve done since you stole your new office: You squint out your smiling and lies. Period.

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