Dearth of investigative journalism in Nigeria: a sad situation

It is unacceptable that in Nigeria with flourishing media industry, there is no conscious effort to engage in investigative journalism in the maze of claims of corruption among political office holders. All that one reads on the issue are releases by the anti-corruption agency EFCC and the Directorate of State Security. Whatever they allege in the course of their invasion and supposed investigation is what the country’s media regall us with.

Sadly Nigerians and the global community have no opportunity of hearing from the persons being accused. The EFCC alleged that the former National Security Adviser Sambo Dasuki dished out money meant for procurement of arms to politicians for campaign purposes to individuals and groups across the country. However, those named in the North don’t seem to matter to the EFCC. Those being hounded are critics of the government from the SE and SS. Whatever the reason, one cannot fathom. A vibrant media that engages in investigative reporting could have brought out more informative gists on all the corruption investigations. For now, information is either from the two agencies of government or the social media trial of those being accused.

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