Corrupt Nigerian Official To Spend 8 Years In Jail

A Nigerian from the Northern part of the country, Abdulrasheed Maina who jumped bail and rearrested in Niger republic has been convicted. He is to spend 8 years in jail.
Full List Of Property and Money Recovered from him By the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission are:
1. Cash deposits of N300million, N500million and N1.5billion in Two Nigerian Banks accounts
2. Property in Abuja paid for with $1.4 million Cash
3. 50 cars in Dubai
4. Plush Villa in Dubai
5. $2 million property in Jabi, Abuja
6. Colster Logistics, belonging to Maina received inflow of $400,000 in Cash
7. Kangolo Dynamic, another company belonging to Maina with over N500 million found in its account. The company has never carried out any service or contract.
8. Several Choice Properties in America and the United Arab Emirates.

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