Connection is Good, But Not Enough

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Last week during our Virtual LeaderCon event I asked the vast majority of our guests to share the biggest lesson they learned during the pandemic.  We heard a variety of heartfelt and powerful insights.  Perhaps the most common answer included or revolved around the need for and importance of connection with other people.

In webinars and virtually delivered sessions over the last 20 months I have asked thousands of people their biggest challenge in working remotely.  Again, the most common answer involves missing or the lack of interpersonal connection.

Being and feeling connected to others is important. Human beings, as social beings, are healthier, happier, more productive and fulfilled when we feel connected to others.  Isolation and loneliness are real challenges today.

Nearly everyday we are helping leaders, teams, and organizations with the tactics of creating and maintaining better interpersonal connections and relationships, especially at a distance, because it is important both for the individuals and for the output of the work (both are at stake – and both are important).

Consider connection like water. We can’t survive for long without water. And while we are healthiest by staying fully hydrated, we can get by with less. That is the past twenty months for many people.  We crave connection, and many are still operating in a less than hydrated state. We have some connection, but we’re thirsty for more.

Doctors say we can’t survive long without water.  But water alone isn’t enough for us to thrive – we need food. Similarly, we need connection, but something more is required to truly thrive.  Connection is water.  Community is food.

Connection is interaction and better communication – the anecdote for loneliness and isolation.

Community is a sense of belonging and creates purpose and meaning – the prescription for health and happiness.

We need to continue to create connection – and we will work here and in other venues and media to help you do that.  But let’s not stop there for ourselves, our team and or organizations.  We need community. We need purpose.  We need meaning.  Individuals and organizations that find ways to create a feast of community will be those that best serve their employees and get the best organizational results now and far into the future of work.

I urge you to think beyond connection to community as you navigate to your future of work.  When you do you, your team and organization will achieve Remarkable Results

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