Catholic Charity Urges World Leaders to Condemn Nigeria Church Massacre


In the June 5 attack in southwestern Nigeria, gunmen reportedly fired at Catholic worshipers attending Pentecost celebrations and detonated explosives.

Cross of the Martyrs. (photo: Aaron Groote via Flickr / (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).)

More political and religious leaders around the world should be speaking out about the attack on a Catholic church in Nigeria that reportedly left at least 50 people dead, an international Catholic charity has said.

The pontifical foundation Aid to the Church in Need denounced the “Pentecost massacre” on June 5 in St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Owo, Ondo State, as “another terrorist act in Nigeria, one more on the long list of crimes against Christians.”

“Aid to the Church in Need calls on all political and religious leaders in the world to firmly and explicitly condemn this terrorist attack,” the charity said in a statement.

ACN spokesperson Maria Lozano noted that Nigeria has “been rocked by episodes of violence, banditry, and kidnappings that, although affecting all ethnic and religious groups in the nation, have led to a long list of major attacks on the Christian community over the last few decades.”

In the June 5 attack in southwestern Nigeria, gunmen reportedly fired at Catholic worshipers attending Pentecost celebrations and detonated explosives, according to CNA’s African news partner, ACI Africa.

Reuters reported that the gunmen, whose identity remains unclear, killed at least 50 people, according to a local doctor. State police have yet to announce the total number of casualties.

ACN noted that until now southwestern Nigeria had not been as affected by insecurity and violence as Nigeria’s northern and Middle Belt regions.

Archbishop Lucius Ugorji, the president of the Nigerian Catholic bishops’ conference, said: “Nowhere seems to be safe again in our country; not even the sacred precincts of a Church.”

Late Nigerian Central Bank Governor, Dr. Obadiah Mailafiya stated widely 3 years ago, that there is a deliberate agenda to Islamize Nigeria by creating violence situation to spread across the country.

He was privy to credible intelligence that hordes of fulani from parts of Africa have taken positions in the forests belts of the middlebelt and entire southern Nigeria, east and west with arms to force Nigerians into submission to the subjugation of fulani rule.

Nigeria’s current President Muhammadu Buhari is of fulani stock. He has never uttered condemnation of the barbaric acts of the fulani in every part of Nigeria since he became President. The security agencies lack the courage to bring the fulani marauders to heel.

Dr. Mailafiya was widely harassed by the Nigerian security for voicing out his concerns. He died last year in suspicious circumstances.

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