As the Technocrats False Promises are Exposed, Oil is King Again and Everyone Will Suffer

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

For the past several years, America has produced more oil than the nation consumes, leading many to believe that the days of “Energy Crises,” such as we saw under President Carter back in the 1970s when people had to endure long lines just to fill up the gas tanks of their vehicles, were over.

A new class of Billionaires has taken their place in the U.S. economy for the past couple of decades or so, and they promised the world a “Green New Deal” that would eliminate our need for “fossil fuels.”

Some began to wonder if these new Billionaires, referred to collectively sometimes as the “Technocrats,” would now leverage technology to greatly improve our lives and rid us of our dependency on the oil tycoons in the Rockefeller Empire which basically built modern day America and Western culture.

They didn’t.

Whether by plan or by finally realizing that the promises of the technologists could not be kept, the oil tycoons are once again profiting from record prices of petroleum, even though the world now produces more oil than it ever has before.

Everyone now agrees that these gas prices, while currently dipping probably due to fewer drivers hitting the roads during the July 4th holiday, and far fewer flights than previous years due to labor shortages in the airlines industry, are going to continue to climb in the near future.

The only question unanswered is, how high?

Oil is Still King and Soon Only the Wealthiest People in the World May be Able to Afford it

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