Anarchy Reigns In Nigeria: The World Looks Away

Bandits kill Hamidu, former governorship aspirant in Zamfara state, North West Nigeria, President Buhari’s home region.

The bandits abducted many other travellers during the attack which occurred around 3.00 pm, broad daylight.

In an interview with journalists on Monday, Muhammad Sirajo Hamidu, brother of the slain politician, revealed how he was killed.

He said, “My brother, his orderly with two other persons alongside his driver, were travelling to Abuja for an urgent issue. They were ambushed by bandits along Rijana, Kaduna-Abuja expressway in broad daylight.

“When the driver discovered they were bandits and not security operatives, because they all wore army uniform, the driver made a U-turn. Unknown to him, he was already in the midst of kidnappers who had already positioned themselves along the road. They opened fire on the occupants of the vehicle. My brother was shot on the chest and leg. His driver disappeared unhurt.”

The late politician Hamidu was also the proprietor of FAMAKS British Schools in Abuja and Kaduna State.

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