Country music superstar Charlie Daniels, whose criticism of politicians is legend – just last month he blasted them for being willing to “kiss a flatulent skunk’s posterior” before allowing the “other party” to look good – has issued a warning to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Those Democratic Party scandals still could make a few waves.

Such as the the cash that flowed to the Clinton Foundation amid the State Department’s approval of a deal to give Russia control of 20 percent of America’s uranium reserves.

Or the time four American citizens died in a planned terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, and the Obama administration blamed it on an obscure YouTube video.

Or the unsecured Internet server through which Hillary Clinton and her State Department staff transferred classified information.

Or the obstruction by Obama’s IRS of conservative and tea party organizations seeking tax-exempt status.

In Daniels’ newest online Soap Box commentary, he lays out the danger for Democrats, directly addressing Schumer.

A unique film that stars Charlie Daniels, Special Ops Gen. William Boykin and Mark Collins, “Revelation: Dawn of Global Government,” reveals how the American Republic and the Christian faith are being destroyed by the Trojan Horse of globalism.

“Sen. Schumer, I don’t live in your constituency but in the larger picture, you live in mine and every other legal, taxpaying American citizen who is affected by the power you hold in your political party, your blind allegiance to it and the obstructionist posture to anything that doesn’t directly benefit it,” he opened.

“There’s something sinister about seeing you bent over the lectern in the Senate chamber, your countenance resembling what I would imagine Edgar Allen Poe’s would look like reciting one of his macabre tales of doom and gloom, as if there is not one drop of happiness in your life, forecasting a dismal future for America if anything President Trump proposes passes both houses and becomes law.”

He acknowledges that Schumer isn’t happy with the outcome of the 2016 election.

“I know you had the balloons ready to fall and the corks halfway out of the champagne bottles election night and I know you just can’t face the truth that what happened in the election was exactly the same thing you continue to do, you forgot about the working people, you forgot about the empty factories of the rust belt, you took for granted the high crime, low employment inner cities you’ve made unkept promises to for decades.”

He said the unproven claims of Russian interference in the election – many Democrats have admitted there’s no evidence – are just scapegoating the Democrats’ failures.

Daniels challenges Schumer to “lay your hand on a Holy Bible and tell America that you believe in your heart that Donald Trump has actually colluded with Vladimir Putin and the Russian government to the detriment of the United States of America.”

“You see sir, everything you’ve come up with so far, and you’ve been at it since well before the election, has been superficial, and I believe that anything your special counsel will come up with will also be superficial, guilt by association, the fires of trivially fanned and proliferated by a tilted, hate filled media and super partisan politicians.”

That special counsel, former FBI chief Robert Mueller, now appointed to review the allegations for which there is yet no evidence, is a threat to Democrats, he warned.

“Sen. Schumer, what goes around truly does come around and if, or should I say when, this pendulum starts swinging back the other way, do you realize that Mr. Mueller could actually find a lot more dirt on prominent Democrats than they do Trump and his staff,” he wrote. “You have opened Pandora’s Box, sir, and basically thrown away the lid.

“If President Trump has actually colluded with the Russians or any other foreign government, or sold out my beloved nation in any way, I definitely want to know about it, and if he has he should be impeached and thrown out of office in disgrace, but right now you’re a hell of a long way from proving even one little iota of your accusations.”

The other side of the same coin holds some interesting questions, he noted.

  • “Did or did not Hillary Clinton allow Russia to purchase up to 20% of American uranium reserves?”
  • “Who leaked the classified information that started this ball rolling? For the investigation to be valid, that has to come out.”
  • “Did Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s State department through incompetence, indifference or both allow four American citizens to die in Benghazi? Careful how you answer this one because the jury and some explosive evidence are still out there and could well be brought to light in a few months.”
  • “Did or did not Hillary, by using an unsecured internet server and allowing Huma Abedin to email copies to her husband, Anthony Weiner, expose classified documents?”
  • “Was there collusion between the Obama administration and the IRS to disallow tax free status to conservative organizations? If not, why did Lois Lerner plead the Fifth Amendment and retire with full benefits?”

Daniels – who he had his 80th birthday last October and still carries a full load of recording and touring – also recently moved to uncover the truth about the global warming agenda.

He appeared in the film “Revelation: Dawn of Global Government,” which documents the relentless war against national sovereignty.

The movie is available in the WND Superstore.

Others appearing in the film include Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, Ted Nugent, Cliven Bundy, Randy Weaver, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Michael Badnarik, Jerome Corsi and WND’s own Joseph Farah.

The movie features dozens of experts battling for freedom and liberty in such key areas as:

  • Marxism and socialism
  • The role of the church as leaders
  • Agenda 21 and the U.N.
  • The Second Amendment
  • Border security
  • The Islamic threat
  • The Federal Reserve
  • Economic collapse
  • Citizen privacy and data collection
  • Common Core
  • States’ rights and the Tenth Amendment
  • The U.S. Constitution and why it’s not compatible with world government

Daniels confirms in the movie, “Something’s wrong, and we all know it.”

See the trailer:


It was in April when Daniels blasted both Republicans and Democrats for party loyalties that are hurting America.

WND reported his assertion that politicians are so selfish, self-centered, self-aggrandizing and thoughtless of the voters who put them in office and pay their salaries they would “kiss a flatulent skunk’s posterior before you’d do or say anything that would make the other party look good.”

Daniels’ “open letter to Democrats, Republicans, independents, liberals, conservatives and every other ilk” got straight to the point.

“What I simply cannot understand is the partisan intransigence that would prevent grown, mature men and women from showing the molecule of reason it takes to reach decisions based on something other than that the opposing party supports it,” he wrote.

“You have completely forgotten about we the people and the welfare of the nation you’re supposed to be serving.”

They are a bunch of tattling “petulant pubescent third graders,” he said.

“You’d rather deprive the nation of a benefit than to let the other party get the credit for passing it. There is no loyalty and you will run away from a colleague who does something unpopular before the ink on the defaming article has even dried,” he said. “You’d give citizenship to aardvarks if they could vote and say anything, accuracy and honesty be damned, and kiss a flatulent skunk’s posterior before you’d do or say anything that would make the other party look good.”

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