A Leader’s Most Important Four-Letter Word

The great Dale Carnegie said: “People always move toward someone who increases them and away from anyone who decreases them.”
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This may sound simplistic to you but it all starts with caring for people. Having grown up in the restaurant business, it was challenging to hire and retain good employees. My father would say “let’s treat them like family and really care for them”.

Whether you are an individual contributor or a senior executive who leads a significant team, commit to caring for others on your team– a colleague, a client, a supervisor, a new person, a friend, a family member, even a stranger!
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I was at the grocery store recently when an elderly man fell down in the aisle. I’m not sure if he tripped or lost his balance. I was privileged to assist him back to his feet and make sure he made it back to his car. He was a bit shaken.

When he settled in his car, he looked at me and said: “thank you for caring for me”.  To be honest, I needed to feel needed. That simple care I gave, I received back twofold. 
Remember, don’t underestimate the power of caring for others. You’ll build greater loyalty and sustain great relationships.

Here’s to caring leadership!

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