5 Secrets to a Successful Marriage

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5 Secrets to Lasting Love with John and Ana Mann  

In 2008, John David Mann and Bob Burg wrote a book called, The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea. The book took off like gangbusters, and John and Bob went on to apply their inspirational, truly useful ideas to a series of books focused on their core message: that shifting our focus from getting to giving is not only a fulfilling way to live life and conduct business, but the most profitable way, as well.

“To attend to someone’s needs, you have to investigate the person and truly get to know what it is that makes them happy.” – John David Mann


I had the real pleasure of talking with John and his wife, Ana Gabriel Mann, MA, about the newest book in the series, The Go-Giver Marriage: A Little Story About the 5 Secrets to Lasting Love. This one was co-authored by Ana and John, and their writing journey has some interesting parallels to their advice for married couples.

I love this book, because it brings together an interesting, entertaining fable with science, research, and practical advice. You can tell it was jointly imagined, jointly written and edited, and jointly presented in a way that exemplifies the real joy that we can experience when we take their core advice, “The more you give, the more you have.”


“There is an epidemic of criticism across the world, and in marriage.” – Ana Gabriel Mann


Change Your Thinking, Change Yourself

It’s not just advice, though. It’s a cognitive behavioral approach. As Ana said to us, “If you can change your thinking, then you can change your behavior. And then the outcome changes you, yourself.”

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