Extend your truth to terrorists, Buhari urges Catholic bishops


The President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.)

…Work hard to deliver good governance to the people, RECOWA urges leaders

…Global problems require Int’l response, action – Catholic bishops

…Why West Africa underdeveloped – SAN

Nigeria President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), on Tuesday, called on Nigerian Catholic Bishops to keep on speaking truth to power and extend their message of change to violent non-state actors.

According to him, some of them were propagating genuine causes but with mindless brutality.

The President, represented by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo (SAN), stated these at the opening session of the 4th Plenary Assembly of the Reunion of Episcopal Conferences of West Africa, which was held in Abuja with the theme: ‘Fratelli Tutti: Path to Build Brotherhood and Sustainable Peace in West Africa.’

He said that the West African region was passing through a season of considerable political, economic and social turmoil, but challenged the Bishops to play active roles in building brotherhood and sustainable peace.

He said, “Indeed, the Catholic Church and the Bishops conference have established a reputation for speaking truth to power in consonance with the highest prophetic traditions and by continuing its illustrious practice of inspiring social action by the lay faithful. Over the years, the Church has modelled profound approaches in challenging the impunity of some state actors and errant power.

“But my Lords, I believe the times also call for speaking to the growing numbers of violent non-state actors, some propagating genuine causes but with mindless violence often leading to the destruction of lives and property.

“I urge you to not only explore ways of strengthening the bonds of faith between your communities, but also of building bridges across every divide that threatens to fracture our nations.”

The President said peace could not reign in the region if it did not first reign in individual communities and countries.

To this end, he said the Federal Government was committed to collaborating with the Church and all well-meaning actors in promoting peace and security.

According to him, “Our goals of unity and integration have always been thwarted, not just by concerns of individual sovereignty of our nations, but also by internal crises and social conflicts in our nations and around the borders.

“Since 2017, there have been 12 military coups in Africa and half of them have occurred since 2020. Historically, in times like these, parochial prejudices are heightened and the fabric of cohesion becomes frayed as people retreat into ethnic, religious and other nativist camps. In all of these, the ideal of an integrated peaceful and prosperous sub-region seems almost impossible.

“It is my hope that you will conceptualise ways of bringing the full weight of the immense moral authority that you possess upon our nations and in the sub-region as a whole. It is evident that we cannot create fraternity and harmony in West Africa without our faith communities.”

Work hard to deliver good governance to the people – RECOWA tells leaders

Delivering his address, the President, Reunion of Episcopal Conferences of West Africa, Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama, asked political leaders to work harder to deliver good governance to the people.

He maintained that Catholic bishops in the region, without becoming politically partisan, would continue to ring out their prophetic voices on behalf of the voiceless multitude suffering.

He said, “We know that in our region of West Africa, political governance in many cases is unfortunately not about service based on charity, justice, truth and transparency.

“We also face issues of youth unemployment, religious and ethnic crises, climate change, land grabbing; diseases even more deadly than the Covid-19 pandemic, money spent on arms instead of using it to remedy the crippling effect of hunger and to foster development; terrorist attacks, kidnappers’ menace, corruption, etc.

“We do not pretend that we have the solutions to the multidimensional political, security and social problems. The Church can only continue to play her role in educating the consciences of Christians, non-Christians and people of goodwill in our society.

“Leaders of the region must, therefore, use political power to create good governance rather than for personal advancement or allow religious, ethnic, economic or political interests to subordinate the common good. Leaders must enthrone merit, share resources equitably, and do away with the virus of corruption and self centeredness.”

Global problems require int’l response, action – Catholic bishops

In his remarks, the President of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria, Most Revd. Lucius Ugorji, said the international community must work together to develop new strategies to tackle global problems.

According to him, “Global problems demand global response and action in the spirit of co-responsibility, cooperation and collaboration.

“Thus, in the face of myriads of problems bedevilling our countries today, such as poor governance, human rights abuse, poverty, unemployment, ethnocentrism, terrorism and organised crimes, human trafficking, organ trafficking, illegal arms trafficking, international debt burden, drug abuse, migration and the like, we must guide against the ‘culture of walls’ or ‘culture of indifference’.

“These socio-political and socio-cultural problems threaten peace and impede development in our different countries. They demand that we come together in solidarity as a human family to address them.”

Why West Africa’s underdeveloped – SAN

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the occasion, Damian Dodo, SAN, identified loss of respect for human dignity, selfishness, inordinate ambition for power and abuse of it, distorted sense of the sacred and the loss of the sense of service as the bane of West Africa’s underdevelopment.

He stressed that except for a few areas, these vices have significantly crippled the region and rendered the people incapable to realise their God given talents and beauty.

“Like many regions of the world, the West African region is embroiled in a crisis of terrorism, pandemics, hunger and untold hardship.

“Generally speaking, our people are hungry and distressed. They are dehumanised and traumatised. Our youth seem to find no hope at home and are exposed to very suicidal adventures on the high sea searching for a life.

“It is a time when we need the strong voice of the Church to restore hope to the despairing, to bring in positivity where negativity seems enthroned, love where hate exists, and fairness where prejudice reigns.

“We need the voice of the Church against the hardship occasioned by man’s inhumanity to man, the poor, the marginalised, and the indigent of the West African region.

“This voice is needed to call our governments to the consciousness of brotherhood to the people they rule. A call to build brotherhood means a move away from self-aggrandizement and insensitivity to the plight of the common man,” he said.

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ICIJ publishes final batch of Pandora Papers data on more than 9,000 offshore companies, trusts and foundations

The Offshore Leaks Database spans five different leaks, and now includes information on offshore companies, foundations and trusts from seven offshore service providers from ICIJ’s latest investigation on the use of tax havens.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is adding a large volume of new information to its Offshore Leaks Database — incorporating additional data from the Pandora Papers investigation about beneficial owners, shareholders, directors and other types of officers from more than 9,000 offshore companies, foundations and trusts.

The new data comes from seven offshore providers headquartered in Hong Kong, Belize, the British Virgin Islands, Panama, Switzerland and Dubai.

They are Asiaciti Trust Asia Limited, CILTrust International, Commence Overseas Limited, IlShin, Overseas Management Company Inc, SFM Corporate Services and Trident Trust Company Limited. Sixteen current and former country leaders were connected to offshore entities that received services from these providers.

ICIJ believes that providing this data to all for free helps shine light on the offshore economy and, in many cases, the damage it causes. ICIJ is publishing this information in the public interest. There are legitimate uses for offshore companies, trusts and foundations; the presence of a person’s or a company’s name is not intended to suggest or imply that they have engaged in illegal or improper conduct.

As with previous sets of leaked data, ICIJ is not publishing raw documents or personal information en masse. The Offshore Leaks database contains a great deal of structured information about company owners, proxies and intermediaries in secrecy jurisdictions, but it doesn’t disclose private communications, bank accounts information, passports and other identification documents.

With the addition of this data, the Offshore Leaks database now has information on more than 750,000 names of people and companies behind secret offshore structures with links to more than 200 countries and territories. In all, the Offshore Leaks database has data on more than 810,000 offshore entities from five different leaks: Pandora Papers, Paradise Papers, Bahamas Leaks, Panama Papers and Offshore Leaks.

In October 2021, ICIJ revealed as part of its Pandora Papers investigation that it had identified the secret deals and hidden assets of more than 330 politicians and high-level public officials in more than 90 countries and territories, including 35 current or former country leaders. An ICIJ analysis also found more than 45 Russian oligarchs using offshore entities. Some of the data explored for these analyzes is now available in the Offshore Leaks Database.

The Pandora Papers investigation, the largest-ever journalistic collaboration in history, was based on a trove of more than 11.9 million records from 14 offshore service providers that offer services to wealthy individuals, celebrities, criminals and multinationals worldwide. By using shell companies, trusts, foundations and other entities in low- or no-tax jurisdictions, providing little to no transparency, the service providers’ clients often concealed their identities from the public and sometimes from regulators.

The publication of the Pandora Papers triggered reactions around the world: governments promised tougher laws, convened public hearings and launched investigations. Other public officials were forced to answer questions about their own financial dealings, or the offshore maneuvers of people close to them. Watchdog groups clamored for more efforts to end the shadow financial system that covers up tax dodging and money laundering.


The inside story of how the Offshore Leaks Database became a go-to resource on offshore finance

May 03, 2022
Data journalism

Pandora Papers: An offshore data tsunami

Oct 03, 2021

Frequently asked questions about the Pandora Papers and ICIJ

Oct 19, 2021

Russia, the United Kingdom, Argentina, China, Brazil, Ukraine and Venezuela are among the countries with the largest number of beneficial owners hidden behind offshore entities in the Pandora Papers.

The companies, foundations and trusts that are part of this new publication were registered between the 1970s and 2019 in secrecy jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, Panama, Singapore, Seychelles, and Hong Kong, among others. More than 4,500 entities published with this new release are registered in the British Virgin Islands.

A significant part of the beneficial ownership information in the Pandora Papers, including the data being published today, comes from documents that some of the offshore services providers  needed to compile for the British Virgin Islands’ beneficial ownership register (also known as “BOSS”), which BVI authorities established in the wake of ICIJ’s publication of the Panama Papers in 2016. This beneficial ownership information which ICIJ has now integrated into its Offshore Leaks database is especially important as it is not made available elsewhere to the public. Nearly half of all the providers in the Pandora Papers have provided services as registered agents in the British Virgin Islands — establishing companies for thousands of clients looking for anonymity.

The biggest portion of the Pandora Papers trove, more than 3.3 million records, came from a sole offshore service provider: Trident Trust. Trident Trust, with offices in the British Virgin Islands and operations in more than 20 jurisdictions, is one of the world’s largest offshore service providers. Questions about who owns Trident Trust went unanswered last year when ICIJ contacted the company.

According to an ICIJ analysis, nearly a third of all politicians and public officials identified in the Pandora Papers data were clients of Trident Trust, the provider with the second largest number of this type of clients in the data. Among these 97 politicians and officials are seven current and former country leaders, including Gabon’s president Ali Bongo, Qatar’s current ruler Tamim Al Thani and Haiti’s former Prime Minister Laurent Salvador Lamothe.

The Offshore Leaks Database now contains records on more than 1,500 offshore entities registered in the British Virgin Islands that got services from Trident Trust.

Trident Trust also provided services to U.S. trusts created from 2000 to 2019 that ICIJ identified during the Pandora Papers investigation. Out of 206 trusts, 43 were registered with Trident Trust’s local office in South Dakota. ICIJ’s data analysis shows that in total, the U.S. trusts in the Pandora Papers held assets worth more than $1 billion, including real estate in Florida, New York and Germany, and accounts with banks in Panama, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and elsewhere.

Along with the offshore entities associated with Trident Trust, another more than 7,000 entities linked to the other six providers in this data release are also now included in the Offshore Leaks database. Data associated with those six providers includes at least 71 politicians and high level public officials who used those entities. Among them are 10 current and former country leaders from Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Gabon, Honduras, Jordan, Paraguay, Peru and Qatar. One of them also got services from Trident Trust.

SCOTUS poised to overturn Roe vs. Wade – Baby murderers to ERUPT with demonic ANGER and VIOLENCE

Image: SCOTUS poised to overturn Roe vs. Wade – Baby murderers to ERUPT with demonic ANGER and VIOLENCE as their “right” to violently murder their own children about to be stripped away

(Natural News) And now the demons come out for all to see.

The pro-abortion, baby murder advocates are already erupting in madness and anger over a leaked draft of a US Supreme Court decision that, if published, would overturn Roe vs. Wade and end federal protections for abortion.

Because the “right” to murder their own babies is the pillar of the violent, demonic, life-destroying Left, they are right now losing their minds over this, organizing protests and taking to the airwaves to denounce anyone who seeks to protect the life of an unborn human child.

Now, we are all getting to see the horrifying truth about the political Left in America: They are out for blood.

The political Left in America represents medical violence and murder against innocent children… by the millions

What do pedophilia, transgender genitalia mutilations, grooming and abortion all have in common? They’re all aggressively demanded by the Left (Democrats). Just about anything that mutilates a child, rapes a child, murders a child or disfigures a child is 100% supported by evil Leftists who absurdly call themselves “pro choice.”

But the child gets no choice at all. If we don’t protect the life and the choice of the unborn, then we value no life at all.

And these same people pretending to be “pro choice” demanded mandatory vaccines and mandatory masks for everyone, choice be damned.

They never believed in “choice.” They only believed in murder and violence against children. They simultaneously believe in their own “right” to murder their own unborn children while stripping away your right to say no to masks or vaccines. They are tyrants. Child-murdering tyrants.

And now they’re doubling down on that, demanding that SCOTUS alter its decision and protect the “right” to murder unborn babies in America.

Left-leaning states can still remain baby murder capitals, even if Roe is overturned

A defeat of Roe wouldn’t outlaw abortion nationwide, by the way. It would merely send the issue back to the states to decide on their own what they wish to do about the legal framework of abortion. Without any doubt, left-leaning states like California, Illinois, New York and Maryland would double down on child murder and even become abortion tourism hubs that accept pregnant women from other states who wish to murder their own children.

What SCOTUS is simply saying in the leaked draft is that Roe vs. Wade was never passed as a law and thus was never properly debated or supported by the people and their representatives. The original 1973 decision was overreaching and smacks of the kind of judicial activism that Leftists always demand for their hot-button issues.

If states like California want to affirm the “right” of abortion factories to engage in the serial murder of human babies, they will still be able to operate as murder hubs and accomplish the demonic, ritualistic sacrifice of human children that they desire. (The abortion industry is steeped in Satanism, human sacrifice, organ harvesting and worse…)

Naturally, all those engaged in abortion practices will one day have to answer to God, but at least with Roe overturned by SCOTUS, many pro-life states can declare themselves to be protectors of human children rather than murderers.

God’s wrath against America may be redirected only to those states that declare themselves to be baby murder factories.

Hold your ground and denounce the baby murderers… call them out for what they truly are: Demonic, murderous entities who fail the test of being “fully human”

Now is the time to take a stand and join the fight to protect the sanctity of human life in America. Stand up now and voice your support for overturning Roe vs. Wade. Denounce the delirious baby murderers and call them out for what they have truly become: Disgusting demons and Satan worshipers who harvest the organs and blood of children for everything from vaccine medical “research” to Satanic rituals that they pursue to increase their dark powers.

Remain peaceful but forceful in your courage and your voice: Call out the baby murderers and let them know that we know they are harboring demons and evil entities inside their biological shells. We know they want to end humanity and depopulate the planet, and that abortion is one of their key weapons to achieve that, right alongside vaccine clot shots, plastics chemicals in the food supply and chemtrail geoengineering while stripping the atmosphere of CO2 which brings life to plants and crops. The Left is at war with everything that gives live to planet Earth. They are a lunatic death cult.

We are now in the final battle for the survival of the human race, and the abortion advocates have chosen to be on the anti-human side, with Satan and his minions. Let us defeat them and dismantle their murder factories once and for all. Every human life has value from the moment of conception, and organized abortion has always been a crime against humanity.

Criminal Elements With Guns On The Prowl In Nigeria

Gunmen killed Army couple travelling for traditional wedding rites in Imo State, Southeast Nigeria

GUNMEN on Saturday killed an Army couple, identified as Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Linus, who were travelling to Imo State to perform traditional marriage rites.

The spokesperson for the Nigerian Army, Onyeama Nwachukwu, confirmed the murder of the couple to The ICIR on Monday via a text message.

“I have received information about the cold-blooded murder of two of our personnel who were travelling home for traditional wedding formalities,” Nwachukwu said.

Sit-at-home: Soludo offers amnesty to unknown gunmen in Anambra

Southern Kaduna killings: CAN wants so-called ‘unknown gunmen’ known and brought to book

Insecurity: Female presidential aspirant says she will recruit more women into army, others

He added that the “very dastardly act” was perpetrated by “some criminals” in the state.

Nwachukwu also said that the Nigerian Army had commenced investigations to unmask and bring the perpetrators to book.

According to viral images on social media, the couple’s remains were dismembered by the assailants.

An unidentified man claimed responsibility for the killing in a viral audio clip from a telephone conversation with a woman who is said to be a friend of the slain female soldier.

However, the authenticity of the audio clip has not been confirmed.

In the audio clip, the man, who claimed to be one of the ‘unknown gunmen’, said the couple were killed because soldiers were responsible for killings in the South-East.

There have been numerous reports of killings in clashes between security operatives and members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and its armed wing, the Eastern Security Network (ESN) in the South-East.

Government facilities have also been attacked by unknown gunmen in the region.

Great Habits Of Most Successful Leaders

By Lolly Daskal

There are many habits a leader should cultivate, but some are more important than others. In my work as an executive leadership coach, part of my job is helping leaders recognize and develop the traits that will make them successful. Here are 10 of the most important habits that great leaders share:

They make themselves available. I cannot stress enough how important it is for a leader to be visible and available. You have a lot to do, and it’s easy to let yourself get bogged down, hiding behind closed doors to focus on everyday challenges and circumstances. But successful leaders make a habit of being available, and it makes a genuine difference with those they lead.

They practice what they preach. If you want people to perform at their best, you have to show them what the best sounds like and looks like. That means living out your character and values on a daily basis, being true and authentic. Only when you walk the walk will the people around you feel inspired and excited to follow you.

They’re confident when others are unsure. Self-confidence is especially critical when inevitable difficulties arise. Confident leaders stay calm in the face of challenges. A tentative leader makes for tentative employees, so effective leaders avoid waffling. They exhibit confidence in their own capabilities and competence—and in their team’s.

They stay positive when things go negative. Positivity and optimism aren’t about the situation—they’re about your outlook. Successful leaders look on the bright side whenever possible. They look for the positives in their team members and in even the biggest challenges. Positivity is a powerful force.

They focus on sustainable success. Successful leaders understand that the best success is long-term sustainable success, and that requires the buy-in of the whole team. It takes time and effort to achieve, but the payoff is absolutely worth it. Great leaders make a habit of focusing every day on the future and on creating sustainable success rather than a flash in the pan.

They encourage others to voice their opinions. I often have a front-row seat to leaders’ communications. Too often, they think they need to be doing all the talking and all the fixing. What they don’t realize is they gain far more respect—and a broader range of good ideas—with collaboration. Successful leaders know the importance of letting others voice their opinion so they can leverage their team’s knowledge.

They recognize people for their worth. The top reason people leave their jobs is because they don’t feel recognized for the hard work. Most people receive very little or no recognition, so it’s important to appreciate and recognize your people for their effort and dedication.

Lead from within: A habit is a behavior that is repeated regularly, and successful leadership is no different. Consistency is key to forming and demonstrating good habits that eventually become second nature.

The Destruction of Election Integrity: Your City Could Be Next

The language could not be any clearer. You can participate as a voter in our American democracy if you are a citizen, over 18 years of age on Election Day, and meet certain state requirements regarding residency and registration – except in some areas

Source: The Destruction of Election Integrity: Your City Could Be Next

Russia swerves default as Putin forced into dollar U-turn

Credit: Getty Images

Vladimir Putin has been forced to raid Russia’s dollar reserves to pay creditors in a U-turn that has staved off the country’s first international default since the Bolshevik revolution.

Investors started to receive $650m of late payments on two bonds on Tuesday as part of a last-gasp bid to avoid a formal default before a deadline elapsed on Wednesday.

The interest payments on the bonds have faced intense scrutiny since the Kremlin missed them in early April after the money was caught up in Western sanctions.

Experts warned the country was almost certain to suffer its first foreign debt default in a century but Bloomberg reported Moscow unexpectedly used US currency not impacted by sanctions, sapping its domestic reserves.

A 30-day grace period was due to expire on Wednesday and the Kremlin’s move came after it attempted to make the payments in rubles.

However, the payments made to creditors could be just a stay of execution for the Kremlin.

Russia is still facing a series of crunch moments in its battle to avoid default in the coming weeks, particularly when temporary measures by the US allowing American bondholders to accept Russian debt payments expire on May 25.

Attention is now shifting to a payment due on May 27.

Richard Briggs, an emerging market investment manager at GAM, said that May 25 is the “next hurdle” for the Kremlin’s debt saga.

“Unless [the US] Office of Foreign Assets Control extends that authorization, they won’t be able to continue to make payments,” he told Bloomberg on the US measures that will elapse later this month.

Russia owes creditors around $40bn with half of the debt held by foreign investors. Half of its $640bn war chest of Russia’s foreign reserves have been frozen by Western central banks.

A debt default typically trashes a country’s reputation with investors and makes it harder and more expensive to tap markets, worsening an economic downturn Charlie Robertson, chief economist at Moscow-based Renaissance Capital, said a default would be largely “academic” as sanctions mean investors are not “going to be buying the debt anyway”.

He said Russia was not seeing the economic fallout associated with a debt default.

Mr Robertson added: “What you’re seeing in Russia is a currency doing the opposite of collapsing, getting much, much stronger, and an economy continuing to function pretty well. In terms of functioning, at least there are fuel supplies at the petrol stations and food in the shops.”

Russia is expected to suffer a two-year recession after being bombarded by Western sanctions and corporate boycotts.

Last month the IMF predicted that Russian GDP will plunge 8.5pc this year and fall a further 2.3pc in 2023 as its trade and financial ties are severed.

However, the Kremlin appears to have staved off a full-blown financial crisis with a series of measures to shore up the economy, including capital controls to slow the flow of money out of the country.

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