This Day in History: 12 August

Advertisements Encyclopaedia Britannica Featured Event 1877 – Phonograph invented by Thomas Alva Edison On this day in 1877, American inventor Thomas Alva Edison made perhaps his most original discovery, the phonograph, and his early recordings were indentations embossed into a sheet of tinfoil by a vibrating stylus. 1966 – During a press conference, John Lennon …

Buhari’s aide, Bashir Ahmad comes under knocks for supporting death sentence for blasphemy

Advertisements BASHIR Ahmad has come under severe criticism from Nigerians over his support for capital punishment as a sentence for blasphemy in Nigeria. Source: Buhari aide, Bashir Ahmad comes under knocks over 2015 comment supporting death sentence for blasphemy | The ICIR

Nigerian man walks out on his wife over her natural blue eyes.

Advertisements The family house of the Azeez in less than 8days turned to Mecca where people travelled from  Lagos, Abuja and other parts of  Nigeria to see the Blue Eyes Family. Source: Ilorin blue-eyed family: I was told it’s congenital cataract – Mother | The ICIR

Barr May Have Had Secret Reasons for Dropping Flynn Case: DOJ Lawyer to Appeals Court

Advertisements The case of former Trump national security advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (U.S. Army Ret.) took another turn Tuesday in oral arguments before a the D.C. Court of Appeals on the appeal of the court’s mandamus order directing Judge Emmet Sullivan to dismiss the DOJ criminal case against Flynn for perjury despite Flynn having …

How to Answer the Mormon at the Door

Advertisements Tim Staples provides a respectful, three-step approach to evangelizing members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), the Mormons. Source: How to Answer the Mormon at the Door | Catholic Answers

Starting Out as a Catholic Apologist

Advertisements Want to become a better defender of the Catholic Faith, but not sure where to start? Here are some helpful pointers to become a better Catholic apologist. Source: Starting Out as a Catholic Apologist | Catholic Answers | Catholic Answers

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