The Seductions of Arrogance Compound the Elusiveness of Humility

via The Seductions of Arrogance Compound the Elusiveness of Humility

Leadership: Humility and Focusing on Others

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I often meet business leaders who are so full of themselves. When interacting with others, they try to keep the needle of focus constantly towards themselves, their business, accomplishments and stories.

It is easy to get caught up in the self because after all, you are a up there and you make things happen (or so you think!).

In one of the leadership workshop I attended in early years of my career, the trainerbeautifully described humility as

Humility is like the banks of a river that gives direction to the flowing water without possessing it.

Leadership in any form is about others. A leader is just a means to an end. A steward of the larger cause, whatever it may be.

Like banks of a river, leader holds the context together in order to channel the energies of people. A leader enables flow (progress) by enabling others, asking right questions, coaching others and learning in the process. The focus of a leadership conversation is the needs of others, needs of the context and needs of the customers.

I read Dan Rockwell’s recent post titled “The Seductions of Arrogance Compound the Elusiveness of Humility” where he outlines 5 practices of humble leadership. It is a thought provoking post that emphasizes on ‘practicing’ humility by focusing on others.

Some critical questions to consider, whether you lead a kid, a team of professionals or an organization, are:

  • How often do you, as a leader, brag about others?
  • How many times do you turn the focus of conversation on others?
  • How many times have you stood up to accept responsibility, especially of failures?
  • When was the last time you thought about amplifying someone’s strength rather than focusing on their shortcomings?

Here is a quick short sketchnote summary of Dan Rockwell’s 5 practices of humble leadership (Read the full post here)


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CNN’s Jake Tapper Gets Fact Checked HARD on Air over FISA Abuses

There are days when CNN’s stars promote fake news and other days when they seem to just not know what the heck they are talking about.

On this CNN “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz takes the host to task over the basic facts about alleged improprieties by members of the FBI and Department of Justice.

The seemingly baffled CNN host’s knowledge of the ongoing investigations into the Deep State anti-Trump lovers, Lisa Page and Peter Stoltz, who are under scrutiny for potentially misleading a FISA judge appears non-existent.

Throughout the segment, Tapper continues to challenge the sharp-minded Congressman over timelines, facts and oversight. U.S. Rep Gaetz, who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, is having none of it as he pushes back with decisive information.

In recent weeks, the once liberal touted Russian Collusion narrative has evaporated as reports are coming out that Special Robert Mueller may wrap up his investigation by Sept. 1. Doubling the pain for left-leaning media outlets such as CNN is the reality that the probe trailed back to Hillary Clinton and the DNC. With a second Special Counsel being discussed to investigate election meddling by the Obama Administration, the heads of anti-Trump TV celebrities like Jake Tapper appear to be spinning.

Take a few minutes and watch Rep. Gaetz school the CNN star on this YouTube video and you be the judge about who has their facts straight!