WikiLeaks Ready to Provide Evidence Russian Collusion Narrative is False

At last!

It seems that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange might be ready to poke holes in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s charges of Russian collusion in the 2016 election. At least, that’s the way things are looking, according to One America News Network’s Kristian Rouz.

In this clip, Rouz shows how Democratic Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California and others have been in touch with Assange, who’s offered to provide incontestable proof that the person who gave leaked Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails to his organization was NOT Russian!

President Trump’s political advisor Roger Stone also testified recently in a closed-door session of Congress that he, too, has seen no evidence of Russians involved in the DNC data dumps, which multiple sources have deemed “leaks” — physical transfers of data via USB thumb drives or other devices — versus “hacks” — online break-ins into a server or other computer.

The fact that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was with corrupt Democratic IT consultant Imran Awan (who recently attempted to flee to Pakistan, but was recently arrested at Washington’s Dulles Airport) the night Rich was killed should make patently clear that the Democrats’ — and Mueller’s — Russian narrative is quickly falling apart at the seams.

Watch, as Rouz shows how some of the pieces are coming together.

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