Undercover video shows Mainstream Media and Colleges Ignoring Violence by Antifa

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Is “Antifa” a terrorist organization?

That’s the charge that conservative comedian and podcaster Steven Crowder makes in this explosive undercover video shot by both Crowder and his producer Jared, a brave associate, as they infiltrate a Utah chapter of the Leftist anti-fascist group commanded by a transgender leader. In the video, these Antifa members are gearing up for a violent protest against well-known conservative speaker and author Ben Shapiro at the University of Utah.

As Crowder shows revealingly, the disconcertingly forward leader of the group casually remarks that he (or she?) has brought weapons to their meeting and has associates with “AKs” — meaning AK-47 rifles — on the way. Furthermore, he/she puts a knife into Jared’s hands and tells him to keep it on him in case he has to “do what you gotta do!”

When Crowder tried to present this secretly-taped footage to the mainstream media, he’s essentially laughed at and turned away! Is this proof that the MSM is irretrievably biased, or what?

As Crowder shows, this “take-no-prisoners” attitude on behalf of these misguided Leftist misanthropes is both dangerous and foolhardy. Tellingly, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has now officially declared Antifa a terrorist organization, which, in theory, should outlaw it in the United States.

But if other countries serve as a guide, it will likely just drive the group further underground. Officially, its members deny being part of any one legitimate organization with a hierarchical structure, as opposed to a loose confederacy of supporters with similar ideology. Convenient, eh?

Watch, the undercover video showing full well University staff know Antifa are a problem yet refuse to do anything to stop them.

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