Steve Bannon Calls Out 2 Head Republicans Who Want to Get Rid of President Trump

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“It’s as obvious as night follows day.”

Those were the words used by former White House Chief Strategist and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steve Bannon to describe the situation currently affecting the Republican Party.

What Bannon says is happening in the GOP is nothing less than internal warfare — between forces in support of President Trump’s populist economic agenda and those figures that are part and parcel of the “Deep State” occupying the Washington “swamp” that President Trump has sworn to eradicate.

As Bannon tells 60 Minutes’ Charlie Rose in this stunning excerpt taken from a recent hour-long interview he had with the veteran newsman, the Republican Party needs to make some hard choices — it has to decide if it wants to continue traveling down the road of the former party Establishment and those elites who are tied to the forces of globalism, or if it wants to stand for a platform that’s dedicated to helping average Americans recover from the economic hardships inflicted upon them by the previous three presidential administrations. Specifically, Bannon lays out blame squarely at the feet of two very familiar Congressional leaders.

Watch, as Infowars’ Alex Jones breaks down not only what Bannon has to say but also why President Trump recently made a landmark deal with the Democrats on raising the government’s debt limit.

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